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Is Personalized Web Experience the New SEO?

We have seen web entities like Google and Facebook deliver personalized browsing experience to the internet users.

Search Engine giant, Google provides advertisements search suggestion and alike based from your query. Similar with the big G, Facebook recently announced that it will launch Graph Search which let’s you find data that are based on your network’s information.

For example, you can search for the most visited restaurant by your friends in your city, music that your schoolmates have listened to and even look for friends who like a particular movie or page. This potential has seen by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer in developing personalized mobile web content.

“There’s an opportunity, not only to provide that value to the end user, but also to create a great business.” she said.

User value and business

Developing a landscape that lets people discover things in fun and personalized ways is a great tool for marketing a business online. Not only that it provides value for the user but it also sells a product in a polite manner.

We have seen a glimpse of this Foursquare, Yelp, Instagram and similar apps few years ago. So while there are companies that are too busy building reputation by themselves, there are ones that are genuinely being loved by the people.

And while the answer to my title above is yet to be known, personalized web experience is something that every business should consider. It’s a deeper level of social media presence that are graphed by likes, interest and culture.

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