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Link Building Strategies You Ought To Know By Now

It’s considered a mortal sin to not know how important link building is in SEO. You can’t consider yourself a SEO specialist if you don’t know effective link building strategies. It’s even more shameful if you’re not aware about how heavy the impact of this when not done properly.

Link Building is more than just acquiring voluminous links from different sites. Believing this makes you look and sound spammy. Gone are the days of Black Hat SEO, for they will be penalized by Google and they can’t run away from that.

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What link building strategies do you know? Check the following and see if you have these on your current activities:


Guest Blogging

This strategy is no longer about gaining links, it’s more about building your brand, expanding your reach and earning authority on your niche. You have to be careful when guest blogging to ensure positive impact to your cause. Check the website(s) you are contributing to, if its niche or industry is related to yours and whether the recent contributors are well-known. Identifying good domain authority (DA) is also a consideration. Choose before you post.



Images as compared to text has higher chances to go viral. People prefer to check images than read long and substantive content. Agree? Though a lot of businesses have mass produced infographics, when not categorized properly, they can not fully take advantage or achieve their link building goals.


Social Sharing

Sharing always go a long way. The more you share, the more you expand its reach. When done properly, expect it to reach the right/target audience. Post your link on different social media platforms, give it a short and simple introduction, and use “pleasing to the eyes” image to guarantee it’s clickable rate. You can also submit your link to social bookmarking sites, let it be read by people, and hope they’ll start linking to it.


Get Local

Before you target a global reach, make sure to earn local links first. Submit your business to local directories. Optimize your information and content with the keywords included to ensure that all links will help increase your rankings.


Quality Evergreen Content

You write not because you need to produce content with keywords, you write to share information, and to add value to the world wide web. If you’re serving the purposes of the first, then, most likely, you always end up producing low quality content. Create a content that readers will find “valuable” and “reference” worthy. Take time in writing your content.

Link building has remained challenging as ever. You have to work hard to earn high-quality links for your website. Never settle for quantity, but focus more on the quality. For guaranteed SEO services, let alone an experienced seo company handle it for you.

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