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LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Your Business

The social media craze has been around for less than a decade. Over that period, you’ll see how these digital channels were used to build good relationships between people and businesses across the globe. These social sites have been a distraction to many, but they have undeniably opened up opportunities to build positive brand awareness online.


One network stands out when it comes to publicizing different brands. LinkedIn, apart from other social networks, enables people to connect with each other through sharing informative content, and it allows businesses to connect with potential employees and clients online. If Facebook is for the general public, then you’ll find be pleased to conduct b2b marketing on this platform. From being a resume-based website, LinkedIn has transformed to become one of the leading marketing tools in today’s generation.


Promote your Business on LinkedIn

Yes, you know that you can post your resume here. But do you know how maximize its marketing potentials not just to future employers but to potential clients as well?


Optimize your Profile and Business Page

The most fundamental approach is to actually be on LinkedIn. At this moment, there are more than 40 million LinkedIn users so once you create your account, there’s a huge chance of building new connections with people specializing in your field. Highlight your business on your page, and make sure that it links to all the important pages of your website. An optimized profile builds a credible and professional reputation that may drive other businesses closer to yours.


Develop Relationships

LinkedIn is still a social network; so to develop good relationships, you must be a social player who can engage with other people. Browse the profiles of the people you’d like to get to know better and reach out to them by simply adding them to your connections. One of the main goals of this social network is to give people the opportunity to turn digital connections into something more: Friendship, partnership, and ,more importantly, new business.


Make use of enticing visuals

People are naturally more attracted to images and all types of visuals rather than just links and texts. Posts that are visually appealing can help your business spread information quickly to your audience. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Here are the visuals that your company can use to send infos:

  • High Quality Videos
  • Slide show/GIF animations
  • Infographics / High quality photos
  • Screenshots of social statement


Be active in discussion groups

Discussion groups can serve as a credible source of leads for digital marketers in the Philippines. Also, posting and commenting on discussions prove that your company is knowledgeable and is an expert about a certain topic.


Reminder: Make sure you enrich the content that you’re going to share on your group. Avoid spammy posts that will lead people to ignore your page. A valuable social content is always the key to receiving your desired social attention.

LinkedIn may not be the largest and most popular social media network, but it is every businessman’s preferred social media destination. It allows you to freely market your company and generate good results given that you leveraged the right method and techniques.

Quennie Faye Noreen Dolor

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