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Newbie in Digital Marketing? Here have a seat!

Are you hesitating to enter the digital world? Majority of the businesses, company owners, and managers today have their plans to invest in digital marketing, but there is particular question in mind that they all have in common: “I have the resources but where should I put it and why?”

Here is a simple three way user engagement:



The crucial part is how they will find you and if they will they avail what you provide once they see you. This is where digital marketing comes in. It has a larger scale of reach and broader grasp on your target audience. The beauty of it is that whoever online user arrives at your website or webpage, he or she will most likely be an interested user.

Search Engine Optimization

In the case of digital marketing, an example of a term that could be used to locate our website called “keyword” would be “digital marketing company in the Philippines”. Keyword then is not just a single word, it can also be a phrase. The process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the goal of reaching the top search results in Google. Although the need to reach the top list is present, it is very important that the strategies and implementation are relevant to the business.


For example, if you are selling cookies, you wouldn’t want your brand to show up in a perfume or fragrance website just because you are acquainted to it, well unless you’re endorser is Cookie Monster but still! Its not good for you be there because it’s not relevant to your company.

Social Media Marketing

Another alternative that is best combined with SEO is Social Media Marketing. A good example would be having a promo or event that would entice a user to engage with your products or services with the help of social media platform like Facebook. Here, it not only increases your fans but those that liked or followed your page are pretty much interested in the company and wanted to know more about the new things that the organization can provide from the present date to the future.

Digital marketing should always be synced with the company’s goals.  You cannot tell or inform your target audience about something you’re not. Exploring new ways and piercing every barriers and boundaries will further grow the business.