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Online Engagement: How Your Brand Can Get It

DM Online Engagement

Internet connectivity and social media platforms serve as avenues wherein you and your customer can be of the same level. Through these, you can understand what they really need and want by getting answers directly from them.

Considering all these, you may be wondering how you will gain the so-called “online engagement” so here are some online strategies that you could include on your next marketing plan:

Video Explainer

These are creatively done videos that aim to explain what a product or service is all about. Ideally, it should be within the 2-minute mark to maintain the right impact and hold the user’s attention span. In the video, you can directly encourage your audience to sign up to your site, download your app, or add whatever call-to-action button depending on what you need to achieve.

Promotions and Giveaway

Your audience can never resist the chance of winning something, which is why offering free items and giveaways through online contests will help you grow awareness to your brand and establish your business credibility.

Online Community Management

An online community is a gathering of people interacting usually through social media. Investing in building communities on platforms like Facebook and Twitter will enable you to gather customer feedback and insights regarding your brand. Proper social media management in the Philippines involves filtering useful comments from the hateful ones.
Technology and the way we are connected today is a big opportunity to brand, big or small. At the end of the day, you will see that building your online presence and creating online engagement is a great step towards driving more customer to your brand.