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Online Marketers Beware: Never Do A Hashtag Hijack

dm hashtag hijack


Hashtag is amongst the powerful tools in the social media arena due to its countless benefits. Once you choose the right keywords, you only need to precede it with the pound symbol (#)  and you will have phrases that are both searchable and linked to a real time feed of social media posts under the same hashtag.


People use hashtags to identify what’s currently happening – events, emergencies, and breaking news on a daily basis. The composition and usage of hashtags is easy to understand, yet netizens and online marketers alike still commit some mistake. Here are some points worth remembering for your next hashtagging:


When you overuse, you’ll lose

Hashtags give you the opportunity to connect with others who use the same tags, but be wary of overusing it. Inserting a bunch of hashtags in every single post in order to attract the attention of anyone using it sounds like a good idea, but in reality, it only make you look spammy. Ideally, one to two hashtags is acceptable, and if possible try adding the hashtag as part of the post itself.


Value relevance and concision

Using complex hashtags will eat up the characters for your tweets. And even if there are no character restrictions on other social media platforms, lengthy hashtags will definitely irritate your followers. Maintain a short hashtag that is relevant to your brand’s goal.


Know your #Purpose

You should avoid the practice of taking random trending hashtag for the sake of views. Posts that have nothing to do with the hashtag itself will confuse your audience and even irritate them. Ask yourself what hashtags should you use and why. Stating a clear purpose and intention on your post will direct you to the right audience for your brand.

Hashtags connect people in the internet to properly group topics, search interest, and add context to whatever caught their interest. However, poor practices done by online marketers such as piggy-backing on hashtags that have gained popularity for the sake of clicks and views are making it a spam material. Good thing that there are social media companies in the Philippines that can find ways to grab these opportunities and create engagement for their respective brands.