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Online Marketing Trends 2016: May The Digital Force Be With You

Marketing is already fast evolving, what more if it’s integrated with digital? Expect endless and continuous development, more enhanced strategies to better reach and penetrate the market. Marketers have to keep up with every updates to ensure their stability and never lose sight of opportunities in the tight competition.

We’ve seen the content marketing and optimization of mobile in 2015, so what do we expect for the coming 2016? Will these still be valuable or another set of trends will take over? See these fearless forecast:

Content Marketing
Spreading valuable and high-quality content is the surest way to gain trust and respect from your audience. Providing informative and worthy content that people are searching will earn you higher rankings. Search algorithms are focused on rewarding such contents as compared to purely technical SEO.

Moreover, content must not rely heavily on text alone. Add visually appealing images to entice your audience. People are more inclined to read contents when they find pictures they can relate to. See how viral posts from Buzzfeed look like.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is amongst the most effective strategies to provide awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention, that is of course when used with proper approach. One way to leverage this strategy is by making it mobile friendly, since it was found out that most emails were opened using mobile phones. How you use it will dictate its open rate and effectiveness.

Internet of Things
Who doesn’t know about IoT? It refers to how internet takes charge of almost all the functions in the physical world. Marketers should see that this internet of things provides utmost convenience customers. If your brand can not live up to this expected convenience, most likely, you’ll lose chances of increasing customer and customer satisfaction as well.

Internet keeps everyone in all parts of the world interconnected and through this, marketers can dig deeper their consumer’s behavior and from there be able to conceptualize and formulate strategies on how to win them over and over again.

These are just “predicted” trends for 2016. We shouldn’t focus on these three alone, instead keep ourselves updated on what’s coming. We all live in a fast paced world, that almost everything can change in blink of an eye.

Good news is, digital marketing companies in the Philippines are always consciously aware about the latest trend in the industry. You now know who and where to entrust your brand!

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