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Organic Insights Worth Integrating to Your Paid Ads Efforts


After typing a query in the search engine you are using, SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) will show you two types of result: organic and paid.

Organic results come naturally and closely match the search query based on relevance. These results appear under paid ads and the positions on the SERP will depend on how effective websites do their search engine optimization. If you want your brand to occupy the top spots of the organic search results, it is important to consider that ranking high on SERPs requires a lot of time and continuous effort.




However, if organic rankings for valuable keywords haven’t been favorable to you yet you want your ads to be seen and achieve significant website traffic, investing in an effective paid search marketing campaign is the next best option. Paid ads are shown above organic search results, or on the side-bar of search engine pages, for search queries relevant to the search topic.



So in working with these two types of result, what organic insight should you consider? The following are basic insights yet essential part in doing your paid search effectively:


Ad Keywords

Your search engine optimization and other organic efforts can give you a clear picture as to what valuable keywords your brand is ranking well. Creating ads that focus on keywords that are already organically relevant to you will prevent you from bidding on keywords that will probably fail to trigger your ads to be delivered as often as it can be.

Landing Pages

The importance you give on choosing the website pages your target audience will land after clicking your ads can be the deciding factor on whether you will get the conversion you desire or not. A landing page irrelevant to what message your ads deliver creates confusion and may only earn you bad reputation and a low ad quality score. A good ads-landing page matching on the other hand increases your chance for an inquiry or any action you count as conversion.

Device Targeting

It is quite apparent that people surfing the internet today are not only limited to desktop computers only. Mobile devices and tablet with full web browsers is becoming their primary tool in going online. Tracking your organic traffic from each of the corresponding device segment is useful in knowing what device your target audience use thus, help you in choosing where your ads would appear and how to properly allot bids.


Digital advertisers need not to choose between the two. Organic has been the staple for quite some time and it is safe to say that it is a place full of insights that can help your brand achieve optimum result and get the most out of your digital campaigns.

Experienced and first-time paid advertisers alike should know that doing successful paid ads is not as simple as it seems. Some parts of it can be tricky especially when it comes to deciding where to dedicate resources efficiently. Gathering relevant insights from your organic search campaign has a beneficial impact on your next paid search campaigns if you know where to look at.