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Programmatic Buying: Who Said It Was Easy?



Today, when programmatic buying rise up to conversation between agencies and advertisers, it will not lead to the basic questions of “what” or  “why”, instead, they will dig deeper into the “when” and “how” it should be done. Based on those who braved it earlier in the game, the results brands can get from programmatic are indeed enticing yet not easy – well, who said it was easy?

Brands should realize that programmatic buying is a complex process that if not well thought of, even seasoned advertisers, will fail. If you are still eager to jump in, equip yourself with these and consider yourself on the right stepping stones:

Programmable Platform

Can you truly give your brand unique points and competitive advantage if you opt for the go-to technology also used by your competitors? Thinking through will not be discrediting these platforms but to help you ponder on the other, probably for better options. There are tons of programmatic buying platforms out there for you to explore. Just keep in mind to always choose “programmable” platform – one that  is comprehensible enough to customize and optimize data towards the right marketing objectives.

Data-driven Team

Being unable to understand and analyze disparate data sets to build action plans based on it can make or break any programmatic buyers’ efforts. Keep in mind that even the best programmable platform will be a total waste without data-driven people comprising your programmatic buying team.

Tools for KPIs

Unlike other strategies, the indicators of programmatic buying win or lose will be the Key Performance Indicators, point-blank. In addition to setting KPIs as SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound) as possible, tools in measuring it once the campaigns are running will be essential. Every experienced programmatic buying agency invest in state-of-the-art technology to gather, evaluate, and activate data, while using the insights obtained on campaign periods to continuously improve the buying strategies they are implementing.

Who said programmatic buying is easy? No one did. But being able to have a spot on strategy, appropriate technology, and data-driven team to support your drive to conquer it will help you make the huge leap on the industry’s ever-changing game.