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Protect Your Brand from WTF and OMG with ORM

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Brand manager must not focus their marketplace assessment solely on today’s market shifting habits. Today, people are more active online than in the past. A single mistake committed by brands can spread like wildfire online. Good thing online reputation management in the Philippines (ORM) can be done as a positive, proactive strategy to maintain a favorable status on the internet.

Your online reputation will directly affect your chances of survival in the industry. Why ORM? Go through the following and see for yourself.


Market calls for transparency

As brands establishing their online presence through the social media platforms upsurges, they are being exposed to the public’s naked eyes.Transparency has significantly changed the old rules of branding today. The norms for all business entities have been altered to cater the market’s call for transparency especially in the internet.


People are talking about you

Whether you do not meet their expectations, or when you exceed them, people will definitely say something. Do not be naïve and pretend that people are not talking about your brand. May it be in a positive or in a negative manner, all you can do is to react the right way the soonest possible. Failure to do so might lead to formation of communities online. These online communities are easily formed with the united love (or hate!) for a specific brand. In these communities, firsthand experiences are shared. Understanding the people talking about your brand helps you determine how to respond. Let your goal not only be having them talking about you, but them talking with you.


Leads are also actively searching online

Customers, recruits, and investors, are all part of your brand’s leads. Once you contact them or before they contact you, remember that both of you are doing an online search. You want to know the nitty-gritty about them and of course, they want the same. A quick browse on your social media accounts, YouTube page, blog sites, and online review sites and they’ll have a picture of what your company is.

People – Business relationship today leans to online.  The messages of brands are sent and consumer feedback are received through this channel making it more prompt and spontaneous. ORM is not a simple buzz. It will assure you that your unwanted WTF and OMG will be covered up.