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Quick Adwords Optimization Actions You Can Do Daily



Devoting time analyzing and optimizing an AdWords account is of paramount importance and should be a priority without a second thought. But really, who has time for that?

It is good to know that sometimes the best way to achieved improved performance is by simply doing something quick on a relatively daily basis rather than ignoring the problem due to time constraints. Try doing these quick Adwords optimization fix and see the difference.

Review search term report for keywords opportunities

Going ad group by ad group to find negative keywords is time consuming. A quick remedy is to simply access first your campaign and then going on the keywords tabs. By clicking on the Keyword Details drop-down menu you can now choose to see all search terms from the entire campaign at once.

Check daily spend to gauge average daily budget

Looking at the total cost spent on a whole day is more or less a deciding factor as to how much your daily budget should be. Aside from this, it will also help you see the day-to-day spending and performance of each campaign so proper adjustment can be done later.

Pause poorly performing keywords

A quick screening of the currently active keywords can help you reduce the daily spend by filtering which keywords are meeting your goals from the unprofitable ones. You can consider disabling these poorly performing keywords to avoid wasting your budget.

Look at location targeting results

If you’re advertising in a big geographical area it is normal to have some areas that aren’t performing as well as other areas. The things to consider on whether to pause a specific location is the audiences reach and its importance to your overall campaign goals.

Create close variation of converting ad copies

It can be hard to always find time to think of brand new ads that have a better chances of converting clicks than your current ad that earns conversions. Instead of changing the entire ad, Do little revisions to a word or change the order of the two description lines. You’ll sometimes see that even a slight change can have an impact on your AdWords performance.

Many performance based marketing agency will agree that the key to successfully achieving the goals you have set for your Adwords campaign is proper optimization. Yet, as a busy marketer that you are, optimizing it regularly can be a bit time-consuming. Do these quick fix as immediate remedy so your campaign won’t get left behind.