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Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Better to be Outsourced

Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Better to be Outsourced


We know how powerful the Internet has become in revolutionizing the way we communicate, consume media content and do business. Hence, in its early stage, it is very important to businesses to build their presence online and secure their spot in the future of all media.

But as a business, where do you start? How should you progress and how can you achieve sustainable results in the most promising, yet, surreal world of digital media? It is difficult to find answers alone but the good news is, you can start asking for help and discovering answers by the means of outsourcing.

Some may find it risky and unattractive to outsource but for a very young, yet rapidly growing media technology, a help from those who have the technical skills, digital wit and deep experience in building a business online is not a bad idea. Below are some more things why you should consider testing the waters of digital marketing first through outsourcing, before deciding to paddle the digital streams on your own:

  1. Scarcity of digital talents
    Digital marketing is still new to many and in fact, there are only few experts in this field that is why it would be really hard for a company to hire their own team of experts. Mainly, it is because there are no subjects nor courses where college students can learn online marketing. Most of the strategies and techniques used by the experts are learned from their own experience. So unlike doctors, engineers and teachers, there are no abundant resources for digital professionals.
  2. It is more expensive to build your own than to outsource

    If you want to create your own team, you have to hire individual talents for different set of tasks which will include both recruitment and added operational costs. Not to mention employee benefits & other government mandated requirements for your hired staff that you have to shoulder. You need to also buy new equipment, prepare for an office space and sign-up for digital tools in order to track your digital performance. You may also want to send your newly built digital peeps to trainings and seminars to further sharpen their skills. Yet, the bad news is, there is no guarantee that the campaigns will work. And the hardest hitter will be, after all the efforts, investments, and time, people can always bid goodbye.

  3. The team will be very difficult to manage

    The difficulty in managing a new digital team will start at the very planning stage. Without the foresight on how digital marketing works, you won’t know what kind of skills you need to hire, what realistic expectations to set and how can your digital efforts can create an impact to your overall business’ vision and strategy.

  4. You need to understand the environment first before you engage

    Knowing the terrain and the environment will help you gain an advantage in any battle you will take. With a better understanding of the condition of your battleground, you can prepare and position your company in a more strategic manner in order to get an upper hand. Without the experience and the digital strategy map navigational-expertise, there is no way you can capitalize on the digital media. It may take some more time and mistakes before you can steer your way to digital success.

  5. Risk is minimal with experience

There are always risk when trying new ways to get your brands known to many people especially when using the Internet as a medium. Digital marketing is not only about books where you could easily learn just by reading a hundred pages; but anyone who wants to be successful in the online world should have the actual experience so he or she could learn the environment, the types of audience,  and other technicalities that ordinary marketers do not understand.

The online market is very different from the traditional media. Whatever books and our professors taught us in the university is far from reality. This is due to the fact that Internet is still young and is still innovating on becoming the best media.

Combining digital agencies’ expertise, experience and technical know-how with what you see in your business is the best way to go in doing digital marketing. In order to maximize the impact of a company’s digital efforts, a solid competitive position combined with online proficiency is essential to progress. Without the focus and becoming a jack-of-all-trades won’t work since Internet is vast and would take so much time and effort to digest. Don’t miss out new business opportunities, leave digital marketing to the experts.

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