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Relationship Advice: Client Retention Tips 2016


How do you know if your business is doing good aside from basing on sales? You have to track the client retention rate – how long do customers stay and what’s their satisfaction rate. Client retention is as important as acquiring new clients. It’s much better to brag about a 10-year client than a couple of short term clients. Length of stay means quality of client – service provider relationship.

Clients stay because they are satisfied with the delivery of service.

The following are some of the key ingredients in building a strong and stable client relationship:

Target and Get the Right Clients

Determine your specialization and where your team excels, and focus on that alone which will help you land on the right clients. Let’s not misinterpret the idea of flexibility. There are stuff that can’t be learned overnight. Avoid diving into a situation of uncertainty; you are risking the reputation of the entire company. Attract only the clients you think fit best according to what your company can best provide.

Communication is the Key

In all cases of failed relationships, miscommunication is the common culprit. Parties involved should be willing to listen and must at all times be vocal with what’s on their mind. Conflicts arise when one chose not to participate. Clear and open lines of communication is vital to make a relationship last. Lay down all the expectations and make a compromise that is fair to both sides.

Connect with your clients on a more personal level, which means regular contact, feedback, and never let a week pass by not hearing from them. Not receiving reply might lead to something serious.

Know Their Business Goals

It’s important to get to know your client first before commencing with the delivery of service. By knowing your client’s goals, you can be able to create a campaign that will work for their advantage. You can’t just create a whole scenario inside your head without knowing the history of your main character. When both parties are on the same page, the process and way to success will be smooth, therefore results to happy and strong relationship.

Stick to their business goals all throughout your campaign and you’ll never go wrong.

Showcase Your Success

Provide data with your past and current clients. It should include how you were able to become a part of their success. Let the figures speak for you. By showing proof of long list of satisfied clients, as well as how big your part was towards their success, can increase your trust rate. Position their mindset at how valuable your services are, and how well you are at delivering those.

All digital marketing companies in the Philippines know how hard, crucial and important client retention is. It’s never easy to win clients, especially now that there are a lot of budding companies in the field all with tempting offers to give. But then again, clients/customers must know whom to entrust their brand’s reputation.

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