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SEO and Link Building Tactics for 2013

Search engines like Google update their ranking rules and algorithms every year – one reason why SEO and link building techniques update too. As years go by, Google updates its algorithms more intelligent in a span of approximately every 4 months that it brutally affects those poorly and badly optimized websites.

In order to survive these catastrophe-like updates, here I will share some helpful SEO and link building techniques that you can use to make your site more prosperous this year of 2013.

Eliminate your “Black-hat” Tactics – When it comes to link building it is really good to follow good tips and ideas, but remember that it is also important to abide by the rules of link building. Doing black-hat SEO is like being an outlaw, and Google is the “judge, jury, and executioner“. Black hat strategy is defined as techniques used to create large numbers of irrelevant links in a short span of time with less effort.

If Google discovers your spam links, the penalty that you’ll get ranges from taking away the value of your links up to de-indexing your website (execution time!).

Reduce Directory Submissions – It’s true that directory quality relieves from site to site. But it is recommended for most SEO experts to limit the number of time in adding sites to directories. There are directories that have good value and worth being listed in, but then there are some that do nothing. What you have to do is to look for the best and reputable directories from good sources, you can continuously use this technique but there are lots more to do than this.

Filter blogs when doing blog commenting – Choose those which are of high value and will greatly influence your site when it become a do-follow link. Look for related site and/or articles to comments, you do not want to be associated with sites that do not have any relationship to yours right? And if this thing doesn’t cross your mind, well, Google might not allow this to prevail and in the end your site will be penalize for bearing wrong unrelated back-links.

Focus more on guest blogging – In 2012, Google updates have brutally decreased many links’ value, which resulted to the dropping down of the rankings of many websites in just 24 hours. This method’s mission is to get your content and back-link to another good quality website ‘legally’.

This ensures that the blog that you’re placing your link on good authority sites and relevant to your back-link. Additionally, to get the best value from your link, it is important that your post gives good value, unique, and has a minimum of 500 words. Most SEO experts recommend this technique for this is one of the best methods of getting good and clean back-links from a certain site.

Create High Quality and Interesting on-site content – Create a blog page. Write high quality, unique and relevant content to your site and put some internal links on the relevant keywords. This method doesn’t just help you boost your rankings but also makes you as an expert on the industry that you’re covering.

It is much more credible and more chance of getting better results if you do on-site optimization first, it is like building the pillars and foundation of your house excellently before putting designs and furniture. By doing this, you will be able to send good quality signals to the search engines’ crawlers.