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SEO Manager Philippines – What makes a good one?

My experience on SEO in the Philippines has been very successful and rewarding. My job experience was progressive and was a perfect example of the” climb to the corporate ladder”. I was an SEO advertising specialist, business development team head and sales executive to my first job experience and was later became an SEO/SEM supervisor to a big US online retail company where I learned most of my online marketing skills; I became a project manager to a local IT-BPO company where I learned how to run a small business and later became an operations manager for a Houston-based online marketing agency before I promoted myself as the CEO and CMO of an internet marketing company here in the Philippines ( where you read most of my blogs.

I must admit that there were bumps and headaches I had to deal in the past ( and even at present) and without the guidance of good and even bad managers, I won’t be here. So for hiring managers who are looking for a spear header and budding professionals who are looking for digital marketing mentors, the question for you is what makes a good SEO manager?

Below are some leadership traits and qualities that I think may be a good fit for SEO managers in no particular order of importance:

What makes a good SEO manager?

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A Good Leader is a Learner

It is really hard to find a manager with this trait since most of us ( managers and non-managers) don’t accept the fact that there are a lot of things we can learn. SEO managers who keep on educating themselves and keep on looking for new information are real assets of a company. They don’t settle with what they know, otherwise, they keep their ears and eyes open with what they can pick up. My first real internet marketing manager was really good at this. Though we are new to the industry, she always ask her team members on what we think about a specific strategy that we are going to implement. Though insights are not so juicy for her level, she is learning each of her members’ skills sets.

Not afraid to commit mistakes

Managers who only base their judgment through concepts and theories often make poor decisions and doesn’t gain valuable experience. Managers should be able to appreciate mistakes as a valuable source of information that books and classrooms cannot teach, specially in the very diverse and ever-changing world of search marketing. SEO managers who often run forward and test new things on their own are managers who acquires deeper insights no matter what the outcome is. Closing this, is a motto from Robert Kiyosaki: “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn”.

Always responsible and accountable for his/her actions

Believe it or not, but there are a lot of managers who are insecure with their subordinates. These managers steal recognitions that were supposed to be for their staff but plays the blame game once a project become unsuccessful. Managers like this often loses credibility and respect from their people and superiors. I have experienced this in the past and yeah, this person made me quit. So to hiring executives, beware. You might hire a termite that may cost you a structure.

Speaks many languages and communicates effectively

SEO managers should be able to communicate with web development/ programming teams as well as with traditional sales and marketing guys with no problem. SEO managers are the mergers of these teams. They carry the sales and marketing blood with the vision of technology as a part of their enterprise growth. Often times, SEO managers are the go to guys and translators of these two very different teams. A good SEO manager can blend with the web designers artistic personalities and the agressiveness of the sales and marketing players.

Knows that customers should always come first

A good SEO manager acknowledge the fact that all marketing efforts are geared towards the recognition and satisfaction of every customer. They know that being found in Google is just the 1st step in getting the affinity from its readers. They always aim to build trust and acknowledge the value in making a website look legitimate. The also engage in strategies that can improve usability and communication between their brand and their customers.

Clears goals in mind and knows what it takes to achieve it

A good SEO manager knows where he/she is headed and what it takes exactly to get there. He/she is able to plan, analyze, strategize and set up KPIs (key performance indicator) in order to achieve their enterprise goals. Good SEO managers are familiar with tools, knows what skills to utilize and has a good time frame in mind in achieving their targets in both macro and micro levels to measure each campaign’s success.

Shares knowledge and duplicate himself

Leaders should also take time in teaching and training their team members to be better in their craft. SEO managers who share what they know and create an open communication with his/her team members often possess the most successful teams. SEO managers should’t be insecure nor afraid of their staff being better than them. Part of good management is to enrich your team members and train successors in becoming a good leader and efficient leader as you are.

These traits may not only apply to SEO managers but to other leaders in any organization as well. There are good books I would personally recommend outside the SEO industry which can further sharpen up you managerial skills which you can apply in  likes the 360 degree manager by John Maxwell and the One minute manager by Ken Blanchard.