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SEO & Online Marketing: What to Expect in 2014

Hello, 2014 and goodbye, 2013. And from the perspective of an SEO specialist, it means turning our backs from link spamming, content spinning, press release spam, and link networks. As we continue what we have started when the latest Penguin update dumped our “hardwork” in the bin, our main goal for the coming months is links with value and quality.

Now that we are off to a fresh start, we should also prepare for the predicted marketing trends that will come our way.

Online Marketing Trends in 2014

1. Pandas, penguins, hummingbirds and more

Or what SEO specialists call Google algorithm changes. Google search is ever changing and so does its “animal guards” that make us smack our heads in frustration whenever it’s our website that has been penalized by them.

Photo courtesy of Forbes. Data courtesy of

The graph above shows the Google updates that took place since 2002, and 2011 to 2013 showed quite a number of them. Isn’t it just right to assume that 2014 will have as much updates as in the past couple of years? So, better clean our link profiles now and produce quality link.

2. Smartphone and tablet optimization

Smartphones and tablets are slowly dominating the tech market. According to Bronto Software’s study “Responsive Design Provides the Perfect Fit”, those websites that are made responsive to smartphones and tablets received a 68%-69% feedback or “response”. If a smartphone or tablet user checks his/her email and clicks on the provided link, they will more likely explore the website that responds well to their device.

3. Full-blast content marketing

We spent the latter half of 2013 writing high-quality content for our websites. It’s no wonder that online marketing experts predict that 2014 will see full-blast content marketing campaign rolling in. We are expected to put emphasis on “high quality content, authorship content, and FAQ type content” to gain more user engagement.

4. Pinterest sparking more interests

If your target market is users from the US, then Pinterest is the place to be. Of the 70 million users that Pinterest have in 2013, more than 70% of those are in the said country. The estimated 50 users are said to be active, which leads us to believe that Pinterest may overtake Twitter one day.


As of March 2012, the estimated number of Pinterest users in the US 49.2%, while users in the Philippines are estimated to be 0.6%.

As mentioned above, Google is ever changing. If we don’t want to be left out in the game, we should always keep track of these changes and trends, and develop internet marketing strategies that will benefit us and make our websites number one. So, what are you doing now? Check out the leading SEO company in the Philippines  now and reach the top!


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