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“How long does it take for a website to be on the 1st page of Google?” I bet this is your number one question as you browse a number of websites for the keyword “SEO Philippines” (or other search variations) to find what you are looking for. A big mistake in the first place. The main reason why search engine optimization doesn’t work!

The right question should be:  “How many people went to my website and did what I want them to do?“. If traffic and rankings are the most important for you then you are about to waste your money.

Here are the only list of items you should be asking your SEO service provider to do:

  • Bring the “right” visitors  (traffic) and lead them to a page where you want them to go.
  • Get visitors’ permission to be followed up via email or via phone.
  • Help that visitor buy your service or product online.
  • Turn visitors to followers  and follow you on social media or wherever you go.
  • Have that visitor share your contents to their friends either via email, a conversation, a Facebook like or a social media share

Common Mistakes of SEO Companies from the Philippines (and from other parts of the world)

As the power of internet changes how we live, communicate and do business; search engines has been becoming one of the most preferred media channels for businesses in connecting to their audiences– attracting both ethical and unethical businesses and SEO practitioners alike. This possesses both threat and opportunities in the search landscape (and even the whole that may tarnish the industry’s credibility and integrity in bringing only the most relevant, helpful and useful results for every users’ query.

The old shady SEO, spammy link building and non-sense content is dead. Only strategic SEO together with creative yet factual content are here to stay.
Strategic SEO, Creative Content & Only Decent Link Building Service

Our experience combined with expertise has allowed us and our clienteles worldwide to withstand all sort of algorithm updates that Google has unveiled. Sure, there were times our rankings drop but our SEO recovery program made us bounce and re-achieve our clients’ goals. You may check some case studies of recovery and how well our agency has rallied back.

Our Approach to SEO

Unlike other digital marketing agencies out there, Digitalmoz does not execute based on gut-feel. We apply DEMAIC approach (Define,

continuously proving itself in becoming evolving rapidly and continuously to provide users the most relevant and useful results for their queries. This is the industry’s response to the shady, abusive and manipulative practices that businesses and practitioners do in order to achieve top rankings for keywords that are deemed to deliver new business opportunities.