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SEO specialist vs. Web developer: To whom you will entrust you business online?

Starting an online business is as exciting as giving birth.
We all know that the Internet encompasses and reaches hundreds of millions. In fact it is one of the most profitable avenues to build your business. Building your own website gives you the opportunity to market your service or product to reach a wider market.
Not for long, all businesses (from small to medium enterprise) will be wanting to exist both in the real and virtual world. According to a recent study, business who have started to build their online presence as early as today are growing over twice as fast as those who don’t.
There are many ways to have your own website and one of those is to hire a web designer. At first, it may seem like the best idea but are they the only ones who are capable of creating your site? After creating the site, what’s next for your site? Would it be possible for these web designers to take care and maintain the good standing of your site? These are lots of questions.
The answer to the latter will be yes, they definitely could. However there are some things that you should consider in hiring your online partner. Listed below are some considerations on hiring your personal web developer.
They are expensive
A good web designer charges a minimum of $100 per hour. If you are a budding entrepreneur and building your website is not the top priority for you, chances are, and you may hire a sloppy web designer. There are even instances where you will ask a friend or relative (who have some experience in this field) to do your website and may get a really good deal with it. In the beginning, the site will really look good but over time, it may not be finished because its either they cannot get hold of their “web guy” or he is too busy with his full time job.
They are too busy that they cannot focus on your site anymore
If you are a start-up business, it is hard to afford hiring someone to work as a full time web designer for your site. If you find a good designer, there is a possibility that he has many other clients so whenever you make a request to redesign your theme, change some text or market a message, it will not be met at the expected deadline. This can be a huge disadvantage as the virtual world is always changing every day.

It’s hard for them to understand your business
Sometimes, when the website owner requests for some changes, the website designer does not meet the expectations. It is because they do not fully understand your business. No matter how hard you communicate with them, they do not have the innate grasp of how you do your business.
Now that you know the disadvantages of hiring an on-board web designer, what you really need is a way to create and control every aspect of your website. You can hire one if you are about to create your business site- a one time, big time deal with someone who can really deliver. The site’s maintenance is another story.
The best way to do this is by hiring a team of search engine optimization experts. This is like shooting two birds through a single stone. They will not only market your site but they will also be the one in charge of the site’s maintenance. People who really understand your business- they do in depth analysis, background check, and a lot more compared to those techi-individuals who create sites.
SEO in the Philippines is a one good example of a good service provider. Unlike other foreign SEO companies where they tend to focus only on optimizing your site, there are some SEO companies in the Philippines who offer a holistic package of designing and optimizing your website.
This is what set Filipino SEO companies apart from the rest.