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Signs That You Need Help in Marketing: PPC



Managing an AdWords campaign is not as easy as you think it is, that you can put it on autopilot and let Google run it for you. Though this is possible (but not advisable), having not enough knowledge about this will cost you A LOT.

So, how do you save yourself from wasting budget and losing potential clients? First, figure out and admit that you need help. Check if you’re suffering from any of these three:


Your CTR and QS are impressively LOW

Yes, it’s true that the average click through rate is 2%, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re already doing great. Don’t you want to produce above average result? Same goes with Quality Score;  if your average QS is 5 or lower, you better do something about it.

The higher your Quality Score is, the less you will be paying for each click for the highest ad positions with the most impression.


Your ROI is questionable

Why are you advertising online? One word:CLIENTS. Keep in mind that if you’re not making a return out of your spendings, then you have a major problem. Be alarmed and check the factors that might be hindering your PPC efforts towards success. Figure out what went wrong, or where you might be lacking, and don’t just focus on your budget.


Your EYES are blind

Some who fondly consider themselves “PPC experts” see no flaws, no problems with themselves — with their PPC campaigns. The truth is, you have been wasting not just budget but opportunities for your clients for a long time already. Those so called experts whose egos are completely bigger than their skillsets need serious reality check.

The point here is just simple, never dive into something you’re not at least 90% sure you can handle. It’s okay to admit you need help or guidance. Know that Google Partners, and digital marketing companies, are more than happy to serve your needs. A real and professional marketer knows who and when to seek help, all for the sake of business’ success.

Still unsure whether you need help or not? With that question at the back of your mind, is a clear sign that most probably, you need one.

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