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SIRI: Long-Term Threat To Google in Mobile — Study

SIRI is an advanced personal assistant and knowledge navigator which exclusively works for Apple’s IOS. This app makes use of natural language user interface to answer questions, deliver suggestions and performs action by assigning requests to set of Web services.

This application is one of the newest innovation in mobile technology scene because it makes everyday duties more convenient figuring out which apps to use for specific requests. It can also find answers to various inquiries with the help of Wolfram Alpha.

It has the capability to play the song that you want to hear, it is also an instant map if you’re looking for directions. Users will surely be amazed of its advanced features, because everything that they need to know will be provided by this application, all they have to do is ask and their wish is its command.

This application is certainly an asset in the internet Marketing Industry in the Philippines because of the rise of android and IPhone apps and the improvement that is happening in the mobile internet use nowadays.

Recently, the search engine land and information technology circle was alarmed because of the study conducted by Piper Jaffray, an investment bank and an asset management firm.


The firm found out that Siri, today (IOS6) considerably relies less on Google as compared to what it did on IOS 5. They also found out that inquiries has dropped to 30% than 60% of queries which was previously tabulated.

Analyzing the Methodology of the Study 

In an article written by Greg Sterling, he was able to present a chart via Apple insider showing what applications are the leading and left behind under this new technology race.

Here are some of the interesting findings about the study:

Comparing Siri and Google Now Voice Search, Piper Jaffray found out that services are almost the same but SIRI is more accurate.

Substantial percentage of Siri-initiated inquiries came from Apple Maps and Yelp than Google.

Mr. Sterling also had a chance to analyze this study further with the aid of Opus Research, when they conducted a survey during the first quarter of the year prior to the release of IOS 6.

In the said survey, Its interesting to note that people were using Siri instead of Google, though Google (in its various mobile flavors).

GoogleNow Voice Search vs. SIRI

Although Google leads the race, as the most often used mobile-friendly search engine  acquiring a total of 64.2 % via and google mobile app, their future can be uncertain if  Apple continues to invest in Siri and Maps because it can accumulate more local inquiries at a certain extent. This can also otherwise hinder the progress of Google as on of the leaders in mobile marketing.

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