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Small Businesses Going Social: Which Platform Best Works for Your Brand

As much as you want to dominate the social media world by using all available platforms, you can’t deny the fact that most businesses never get around to maximize all these platforms without the right strategy and enough time.

Believe it or not, even with just one social media platform, you can still achieve your desired results. Take for instance some online shops that emerged on Multiply years ago, take note that these free-hosted businesses were still able to generate enough sales for their shops. Utilizing one social media platform is not really a bad idea.

The online world is a vast universe with a spot meant for you. You just have to find it and use it to the fullest.

Internet marketing here in the Philippines is flourishing and showing much potential. This is the time for you to jump on the wagon and determine which path to go. In order to develop a full social media strategy, start thinking about which social media platform works for your brand and your target market.



Strength:  Relationship-building

Facebook has over 800 million active users, which is almost equally divided between men (58%) and women (42%), so it’s easy to find various markets in this platform. Also, this is ideal for businesses that target younger audience which comprises 54% of the users. With your Facebook page, it’s easy to get feedbacks from your customers, and track which of your posts they like the most with the Facebook Insights.



Strength: Viral

Twitter is all about quick communication. You don’t need to be a follower or to follow anyone in order to spread your news. With an effective campaign that could drop a bomb in the Twitter community i.e. hashtag battle, it’s easier to reach more people here.


Google +Google +

Strength: Deep influence

Professionals tend to exchange deep conversations in Google +. If you are after young professionals, then this could be a good place to start finding connections and influence to make your business develop a presence. With “communities” and “groups” that are easier to find and filter than the one found in Facebook, you could easily segregate your contacts and send them specific messages such as discounts and business offers.



Strength: Visually-engaging

For female-oriented businesses, Pinterest is the best site for you. Its highest visit number is 11 million, with 83% of the users coming from the female community. This site allows you to make multiple virtual boards to “pin” photos and links. Just being part of one board that shows your service or products that could please the eyes of your users as they pin and re-pin you is already a big thing.


Now that you have seen how some famous platforms usually work, there are still some questions left to ask yourself. What are your goals? Do you prioritize engaging users or just spreading information?

You also have to figure out how much time you could dedicate to your accounts and your resources. It’s difficult to use Instagram if there is no interesting activity or item that you could take a picture of. And people would stop following you if you suddenly stop posting and leave them hanging in your campaign.

So be wise in choosing which platform to use for your campaign. If you don’t have time or the capacity to use them, you can always turn to SEO companies for small businesses. Just because you’re just starting your company does not mean that you can’t be at par with bigger ones.

Go ahead and build your online presence. Go social!


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