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Social Falling Star: Things that turns off your customers online

We know the importance of social media in creating online presence and reaching more customers around the world. Businesses are now taking a leap when it comes to building relationship using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

However, some companies fall short on various aspects of social media management and customers tend to flock away thinking that “this particular page is ‘uncool’!”. But why?

Image courtesy of nanosocialmedia

Image courtesy of nanosocialmedia

Well, here are the common mistakes that business owners make in the world of social media.

1. Bizarre Branding and Personality

Branding is important, so it’s confusing to see a business’ social media pages that doesn’t have one identity. They have different message, tone of voice and even personality.

As a business, you want to have a specific branding and personality. In fact, by simply  having all your photos, theme and information in one direction is a good start. Also, see to it that no social media account is being left out.

But, there are instances where you need to be picky on the social media platforms that you will use. Should you focus on Facebook alone? Is Pinterest right for your business or should you stick on LinkedIn?

2. Vanity

Yes, social media can help you communicate with your prospects. But some entrepreneurs go overboard and forget that communication is a two way process. It’s important to update your audience about your latest products or services but doing it more frequently without actually focusing on other opinion just turns your audience off.

Try reaching them in a way that they will find value on what you do. Give them tips, offer help or answer their questions. These simple efforts will go a long way.

3. Feed Spamming

We all have that one Facebook friend who’s always online, always updating none sense statuses and posting photos of their not-so-pleasant ‘selfie’. Similar to Vanity, Feed Spamming is one of the most annoying activities that can make your customers walk out the door.

Yeah, I know you have a cool stuff out there but your followers also want to see some other stuff in their news feed. And if they find your posts annoying, they’ll surely ‘unlike’, ‘unfollow’,’mute’ or even delete you in their contacts.

Image courtesy of socmedsean

Image courtesy of socmedsean

4. Booooring Posts

We have discussed in the previous blogs that social media is the heart of internet marketing today. However, some businesses think that having vague Facebook posts thrice a week is enough. Remember that ‘social’ is interaction. Take time to participate in social media forums and pages. Provide insightful comments and be the opinion leader of your industry.

5. Too Stingy

It’s true that social media is an open platform to market your business. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean that you’ll not find a better way to promote your business.

It’s quite common that small businesses are thrifty when it comes to paid marketing services like Facebook Ads, PPC and even SEO. But keep in mind that marketing your business in the internet needs in-depth planning and execution.

Social media is the real deal. If you know that you don’t have the guts to get your business engaged with it, then find a person in your team that can focus on this. If there’s none, you might want us to do this for you.

Online reputation is vital in every company. Make sure that you avoid these pitfalls and you’re business will surely be a social media superstar.


Anna Villena

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