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Social Media Management Hacks That Boost 50% Productivity

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Social media is everyone’s best friend which makes it a smart investment for entrepreneurs. An hour or two a day is all you need to make sure that your campaign is performing at its peak.


Check these tips on how you can make the most of your time in managing your social media platforms:


Make A Plan & Set Up Goals

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”

Before starting a social media campaign, have a clear picture of what, why and for whom your posts are. Know your target audience and track what social media channels they are most active in. From there, set your objectives and tailor your output on the platform to suit them.  Creating a clear path is the fastest and easiest way to reach your goal.


Target your Audience Appropriately

Be specific with who you want to communicate with. Aiming for a smaller but targeted audience will ensure that your message is advertised to interested/potential customers. If you are running a paid advertising campaign, then make full use of its targeting tools. Be mindful in choosing and making connection to lessen bounce rate.


Keep It Simple

There’s nothing wrong in creating witty posts, but what makes it improper is exaggeration. Always keep in mind your target audience – catch their attention but do not overdo it. The simpler it is, the easier your message will be communicated and understood by your market.


Automate Your Posts

Who has ample of time to wait for the right time the whole day? Waiting in times of technological advancement is called a total waste. Work smart. Post without a sweat. Make full use of tools like that allow you to schedule posts in multiple platforms all at once.


Timing: Share Like A Pro

Aside from scheduling posts, take advantage of tracking metrics and analytics as well. It’s important to gauge your success – from the beginning of the campaign up to the end of it. Take note of the time your community is online to ensure your post has the biggest impact and reach.

Boost your post with images. Include hashtags your audience is using to connect your posts to conversations about the same topic.


Build Relationships

Invest on real connections and establish relationship that lasts. Learn to listen, share, and participate, instead of just posting updates to be heard. Plant sincerity to harvest loyalty.


If you feel like you need an extra hand in managing your accounts and keeping it updated, hire social media specialist to do it. Don’t be left out!

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