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Social Media Managers: To Do Checklist


It’s easy to sign up on different social media platforms, that even as young as a 11 year old child can create himself/herself an account without much adult supervision. It’s different when you do it for a brand. The process is the same but there are strategies included to give the account a little push, which only an expert
social media specialist can do.


It’s not enough that you hire one “expert,” it’s a must to know what he/she does for your social media accounts. Create a checklist of your expectation, and see to it if these are all met:


Engage with Audience
Undoubtedly, social media is amongst the fastest channel used by customers in reaching out to brands. Good communication is the key in getting customer loyalty. Without it, you can’t expect your customer to stay nor increase their numbers. Make them feel valued by hearing out their feedback, comments, suggestions, questions, and respond to each of it accurately as soon  as possible. See to it that your specialist is able to address each regularly.


Produce Creative and Engaging Posts

Your posts represent your brand. Make sure that the material and copy are in line with your company’s goal. An expert social media specialist knows the ‘why, when, and what’ when it comes to creating such posts. They are aware of their audience, therefore are able to come up with engaging posts that carry brand advocacy with in.


Continuously Study the Social Media Industry

Being one of the most dynamic industries today, there’s always a new strategy or technique that can be used for each social media platform. Your brand can’t afford to get left behind. Your specialist should keep an eye on such updates, and must utilize it for the benefit of your brand.


Get Up-to Date with the Competition

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” needs no further explanation(s), right?


Post Regularly to Social Media Accounts
Make your presence felt by consistently posting or updating your social media accounts. For Facebook, one to two posts per day, which must not be too promotional (or else your account will be penalized). For Twitter, three to six posts a day is safe, since it’s newsfeed is flowing every second. For Instagram, the frequency of post depends on how “photogenic” the brand is. The point here is, be able to feed your audience with the right amount of promotion and entertainment.

It’s easy to find a social media specialist since it’s just a common title or job position. What’s hard is to find a good catch. Choose a social media company with a reputation of successful campaigns. Never entrust your brand to just “anybody”.

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