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Social Media Marketing: Lead the Charge in 2016

Year 2015 is about to end, and fortunately, another new year is set to begin. Another beginning to try fresh strategies and overcome challenges. Sounds exciting for digital marketers, right? It’s always fun to flex your brain cells and think of many ways to make your campaign stand out from the rest.

What does the coming year holds for social media? Of course nothing is certain since everything changes as fast as blink of an eye. For the sake of tradition, here are the fearless forecast for the next 12 months:


After the roll out of emojis, expect accurate tracking of data and determine how each or which response is truly valuable for your business. It’s not enough to count how many sad, wow, haha faces or like and heart were made, it’s more important to know how each reaction correlates with the buying behavior and engagement. Moreover, expect new and powerful tools to help you measure your ad campaign.


Being the underdog for the past years, Twitter slowly regains its status by trying out emojis which are proven effective in generating higher level of engagement. In line with this, Twitter is also looking into offering their own data analytics access. And lastly, they are now open with the idea of allowing user to edit their tweet.


The introduction of Instagram ads caused the major growth of this social media platform. Because of this, they are looking on ways to implement Ad restrictions just like in Facebook to reduce the amount of junk(s) and avoid IG user’s dissatisfaction.  Ruling and restrictions are meant to improve quality and guarantee effectiveness.


Though there’s no exact date as to when these major developments will roll out, at least it’s good to know that each social media platform are doing research to improve user experience. Furthermore, businesses as well as digital marketers will have more tools and features to better maximize their reach – an increase on conversion.

Social media platforms are dead serious about competing against each other, so digital marketing companies as well must do their very best to level up their expertise and keep up the latest for their client satisfaction. If your business is still not yet online, better think about it now. Watch out for more updates.

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