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Social Media Platforms Are Being More Than Social


Almost everyone is hooked to their favorite social media app. Social media connects people: friends, families, coworkers, new business opportunities, and new acquaintances who share similar interests from any place in the world.

Marketers go out of their traditional way to try and get something from this opportunity and make the most out of the audiences that can be reached through these channels. However, when you approach social media as a marketing channel, things become a little bit more complex.  Social media marketing management includes countless potential social media sites, a lot of ways to promote, engage and a unique approach for each platform. It will be valuable to determine the right messages to deliver, posting schedules, right social media management approach, connecting it with other marketing channels, and how to make the most out of your target audience who are browsing on their respective social media account.

Currently, it is not unusual for these social media platforms to transform and start to mean much more than being “social”. Social apps are moving into non-social directions. Updates are launched on a relatively more frequent basis, but for the most part, these updates aim to introduce new kinds of app purpose and interactions.

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An example of this is the Pinterest tool that enables buyable pins. The social functionality that made Pinterest popular was now combined with an e commerce aspect.

Social media was treated as a fad rather than a tool initially. But if we compare from its original purpose during the early years, exponential user growth and the continuous transformation are solid evidences to the contrary.

These platforms has changed how the game was played all across media. Following a proper online community management to-do list and spot-on advertising through social media  can yield more efficient result in terms of brand-audience engagement. Considering these non-social directions, the once perceived as a fad, is now, more than ever, should be considered as one of the disruptive forces that drastically and continuously changing the business.