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Social Media Survival Kit Every Marketer Should Have

Social Media Survival Kit Every Marketer Should Have


If you are planning to push your brand’s online visibility, you better start getting social.


Worldwide social media usage is growing rapidly making it an appealing platform to tap. As marketers, you should also know that like others out there, this marketing strategy  can affect your brand like a double-edged sword. Do it well enough and it will help establish your brand identity and capture consumer awareness online. Otherwise, be prepared to be labeled with a not-so-good hashtag and know that all your efforts were wasted.


For your brand to survive and benefit from all of these efforts, be sure to pack your social media arsenal with the following:


Item #1: Relevant Content

If you expect your target audiences to click what you posted, you should be mindful in giving them good content. Remember that in posting articles, blogs, and other informative bits on your social media account, relevance will go a long way in capturing profitable audience engagement.


Item #2: Information About Target Audience

Familiarize yourself with your target audience. Know the topics that they are interested in as well as on what social media platform they devote most of their online time  will help you in creating an effective and targeted social media communication.


Item #3: Right Influencers

These social media savvy creates niche-based content revolving into topics such as food, fashion, travel, fitness, gadgets, and almost anything under the sun. A lot of them have already established a considerable following that tying up with them can be beneficial. In choosing the right social media influencer for your brand, you should assess the quality of their content, how frequent they post, and the audience engagement they are getting.


Item #4: Proper Link Direction

Social media platforms have high domain authority meaning that these sites rank better on search engine than other websites. This factor combined with the continuously growing member make link placements on your profiles, pages, and community a way to get a lot of traffic going to your site.


Item #5: A Backup Plan

When all else fails and your brand is on the edge of a social media humiliation, a good backup plan will show empathy about the fault and help regain good image. Never be a hypocrite and own your mistake. Show your target audience that you learned from it and use that as a tool in being more innovative, relevant, and timely on your succeeding social media posts.


The wide reach of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and several other options make it an ideal avenue for brands to meet and understand target audiences and translate them into profitable clientele. With the influence of social media, the way your target audience interact with your brand online is forever changed.