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Socially Awkward and Irritating Posts to Avoid

Social media redefined relationships from the real world to the cyberspace. It connected several lives and brought us closer to our family and friends.

These ‘friends’ reached hundreds to thousands of people through their status, tweets and even by liking.

Despite making the world smaller, there are things that seem to get annoying and irritating in the world of social media. If you’re a Facebook, Twitter user or a Fan Page Administrator, read through and prevent such things from happening.

This post is dedicated to all people who have experienced having friends on Facebook and Twitter which makes our eyebrows meet.


It’s typical to see tons of photos during wedding, birthdays, travel and all other special events that we want to share online. However, posting loads of photos of yourself greeting people’s feeds ‘Good morning’ ‘Waiting here at the café’ ‘New haircut’ or ‘Nothing to do’ can be quite annoying especially if it’s real unnecessary.


Don’t include hashtags in your status update especially if you’re posting it on Facebook. Although hashtags only work in Twitter and Instagram don’t bombarded it with hashtags as well. Remember that hashtags are used to describe a certain subject which will make it to the trending topic and not for #extreme #socializing with #friends at #starbucks #omg. Some not so twitter savvy may get confused on what you are trying to say.

Punctuations and Smileys

There are posts filled with excessive punctuation and smileys which not only make the post hard to read but annoying as well. Instead of greeting a person with three exclamation points, try using one and you will realize it makes no difference.

Comments and Likes

When you see someone’s dog or grandmother died, don’t like the status. Don’t also like and comment on your own status. Also, getting notifications from something that you commented can be really distracting especially when using a smartphone. To avoid this, simple like will be appreciated and your phone will be at peace from buzzing.

Blabber mouth

Avoid bombarding people’s news feed with all your sweet nothings. Also, there are statuses and tweets that become socially awkward because of too much information. Statuses that are too deep or dramatic also make you unreachable for your audience.


There are some posts that you can’t even understand or relate. But don’t unfriend or block the person because you can just use the Filter feature of Facebook. Not only that you can no longer his or her posts but you will not feel guilty when you see him at person.

Here are just some of the things that are inappropriate when using social media. The list goes on but to avoid the risks of being unfriended or unfollowed, it’s always better to  think before you click.

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