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Some Tips to Track your Campaign

When running your own internet marketing campaign for your company or website, it is very important to keep track of your success. At the start of the campaign, you are usually set with a projected level of success that you need to reach such as increasing inquiries or site traffic.


But in order to know whether the campaign is effective or not, you need to keep track of your current accomplishments and see which ones are working and which ones are just a waste of time.


Here are some ways to keep track of your campaign while it is ongoing:


Use trackable links.

In linkbuilding, it is important that you spread them to different sites in hopes of exposure. But it is not easy to track how many people were able to view your  website through that link. One tool is to create a bitly account and use it to create links that you promote on different sites such as Facebook or Twitter.


Bitly can monitor how many people have clicked on your links and you can use it to analyze the traffic and which links are gaining clicks. Creating an account is easy and all you need to do to create a shortened link on bitly is to copy-paste the original URL and it will automatically generate a new URL for you.


Don’t be shy to ask your clients

One of the first things you should ask to your clients is how or where they found out about you, whether from a directory, referral, newspaper or even on social media accounts. This is a simple and straightforward way of knowing where your leads are generating from and which of your campaigns are working.


Use keyword tools

When you are promoting yourselves online, it is important to use the right keywords so that people can find you on  the internet. Google AdWords is an effective tool to measure which keywords you should target for your website as it shows you how many people are looking for those particular keywords.


Ranking on search engines and getting leads are tricky and it is always a challenge for social media specialists to come up with a competitive campaign that will run successfully. It is why specialists needs to make themselves aware of the current progress of their campaign to make sure that they are achieving their goals and not wasting their time.

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