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Stand Out From the Search Ads Crowd



Almost everyone can implement search ads campaigns. Well, of course, provided they have computer, internet connection, AdWords login details, and bank account to use for payment. And basically, that can be anyone. Given such ease in advertising through Google’s networks, competition is high resulting to a cluttered space for brands and audience alike. Being stuck in this crowd is both detrimental for your brand and a waste of your resources.

So how can you stand out from the crowd? Let’s say knowing is the key.

Know yourself

Even if we are not on the topic of implementing search ads, it is a general rule that a brand must know oneself first before heading out and letting the world know its existence. Knowing yourself should include the basics of your brand’s reason for being up to the complex unique selling proposition that will give you leverage on the competition ahead. Coherently visualizing what you are from the inside is a good start in delivering clear message across all channels you would like your presence be felt.

Know the market

Observing the external environment – in this case, the SERPs, advertising networks, people online, and how your competitors conduct themselves online – is useful in creating and solidifying what are the actions you should do and where to stand in order to acquire your advertising goals.

Know your audience

You might know the basic information about them, but do you have any idea about their aspirations and the reason of their search behavior online? Remarketing and lead generation strategies backed by proper email marketing efforts can be a great support to really get to know them on a clearer  and better perspective.

All brands doing online ads strongly aim to be the very best out there – audience share and ROI-wise – you must find concrete ways to stand out and be noticed by people on the search engine bombarded by lots of ads triggered by their online queries. Knowing is the first step if you want to improve the paid digital advertising strategies you are currently working on and change the game in the long run.