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Start Doing Some Email Marketing – Social Media Combo Now

digitalmoz-email-marketing-social-mediaFace it; your online audience is cross-channelled. They are present in almost every social media platforms that can influence them one way or another. Buying decisions based on information from a single medium is a thing of the past and therefore should be addressed by enhancing presence on where they are usually are – email , content, and social media. Your customers, actual and potential alike, know better now. You, as a digital manager, should be able to skillfully converse with them on more than a single platform.

How to achieve successful email marketing and social media integration? You can follow these tips:

Loosen up your social media buttons

Adding your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) buttons for sharing and creating new connections is a no-brainer for every email marketing campaign. The problem is it is usually done in a discreet manner. They are either just some really small icons tucked under all your email content. Make your social media buttons are highly distinguishable yet not overwhelming.

Be ready for “What’s in it for me?”

Creating contests or offers with fun and creative execution is another way to integrate these two mediums. Providing some type of incentive for a follow, a share, or a mention doesn’t always require monetary funding. It can be in any form of appreciative gesture such as invitation to events or letting them participate in your next campaign. Rewarding your leads by giving value for their time and interest in your content can give you higher chances of winning them as your loyal customer.

Nurture an exclusive online community

An online community is a good source of first-hand customer feedback which you can use later as a pattern for your next steps. Based on the brand’s objectives, outsourced companies doing social media marketing in the Philippines can effectively manage online communities and help them achieve your goals, whether that is reaching new customers or improving internal efficiencies. The key needed in making this strategy work is to create and maintain an active and engaged group which is possible by producing relevant content and listening to them carefully.

Exposure to various online platform empowers the market to be more capable of specifying what they want and raising their standards on how they want it to be satisfied. So when marketers focus all their energy on one channel, they could be missing out on other opportunities and the natural phases of the buying cycle. By doing the integration between your email marketing efforts and your social media visibility will drive traffic to your social media pages and enhance leads on your email list in addition to effective lead communications online.