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Stepping Up Your Online Marketing: Digitalmoz Wins Google Rev Up Challenge 6

rev-up-challenge-6How do you make sure that your online marketing campaign will take your business far away from your competitors? With Digitalmoz Inc, we can step your campaign up for the competitive digital jungle called the internet.

In the recently concluded Google Rev Up Challenge 6, Digitalmoz Sourcing Inc emerges as one of the top AdWords agencies in the whole South East Asia.

Hosted by Google Engage, the Rev Up Challenge is a quarterly competition since 2012 for all Southeast Asian agencies that practice the use of Google AdWords. In order to win, the agency must meet the criteria set by Google Engage which range from activating AdWords account to coming on top of the most amount spent on post coupon. By winning this challenge, the agency proves its ability to run an AdWord campaign efficiently.

For the 3rd quarter of 2013, Digitalmoz was able to join the competition and snag the prize. For the Rev Up Challenge 6, we fulfilled the criterion of activating a new AdWords account and spending a total of USD 250 post coupon that led to the success of our campaign. Thanks to Google Engage, we got to win 2 free seats for any Google Engage classroom training and amazing Google Fun Kit. Of course, it’s also thanks to our clients who trusted us in taking care of their business.

As a trusted SEO company in the country, Digitalmoz showcases its ability to be on top of pay-per-click management service not just in the country but as well as in South East Asia. So, step up your campaign now and join us in topping the World Wide Web.

Anna Villena

About Anna Villena

Anna is one of the pioneer employees of Digitalmoz. From an online media specialist to team supervisor, she now spends most of her time designing websites and managing special projects for the company. After reading her blogs, don't forget to add her in your circles in Google and follow her on Twitter!