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Steps on Starting SEO for your Website

We all know that digital marketing is now on the rise and most marketers are already leaving traditional marketing strategies behind. Digital Marketing is the use of Internet connected devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones to engage consumers with online marketing/advertising.

One effective component of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization basically known as “SEO”.

So what is “SEO”?

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SEO is the the art of improving your website’s visibility or make your web page in rank in search results of search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, and Safari). The idea behind SEO is this:  the higher the rank on search engine results and the more often a site appears in search results list, the more visitors and traffic it will receive from the search engine users. These visitors and traffic often lead to sales. Search engine optimization may target different kinds of search, like image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search, and many others.

How can I start SEO for my website?

Here is a step by step guide to start SEO campaign for your website

Proper Keyword Research – Keyword research is one of the most essential, precious, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website. It is not always about getting visitors and traffic to your site, it is about getting the right kind of visitors. Visitors that can be converted as clients or customers will give you sales.

When doing keyword research, always keep these statements in mind:

“You want to have many visitors for your site; you want that because you need to have clients and customers; the end goal is you want to have sales.”

“You must be unique in order to dominate the competition.”

Analyze your competitors – Competitor analysis is an important part of corporate strategy. With this evaluation, you can set up what makes your product or service unparalleled, and allows you to play up in order to attract your target market.

You can analyze your competitors by using some tools that allows you to monitor competitor activities, traffics, and link metrics.

Market Research – Market research is an organized effort to gather relevant, useful information about your customers. It is a very essential component of business strategy. It is one of the key factors to get advantage over the competition and rival websites.

Create High Quality, Unique, and Descriptive Onsite Content – This step serves as the main dish. Content is more important than ever, this is where readers and searchers should find what they are looking for. Content must give them all the information they need, and will likely give  the answer to the question “why should I choose your site?” in order to have good feedback from readers and searchers.

Three components of content




Creating effective metadata for pages, posts, and blogs – Utilizing proper title and description tags is one of SEO’s best practices. This will help your website obtain enough traffic and online presence at the same time.  If your page title failed to attract online users, you will not be able to share what you have in your site, may it be services or products. This will lead to lower web traffic.

Remember that it is highly important for your Meta title and Meta description to hit the right keywords. Each page should have a unique title and description that will attract clicks.

The description should have high quality of sentences that will best describe the page. As I mentioned, these should include the assigned keywords to increase the relevance of your site. Make the title tags appealing to the searcher. Good keywords alone may not be sufficient. So you have to use witty, call-to-action description if you want to get the reader’s attention..

“What is the use of your high quality content when you can’t drag visitors to your site?”

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