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Being Green Is In: Digital Marketing for Eco-Friendly Brands

  Invest with some green marketing strategies and the enjoy greener pastures!   Recent studies showed that global consumers expect brands to know and act upon their environmental responsibilities now more than ever. This raising awareness pushes brands into taking appropriate green initiatives without compromising ROI targets. One of the perceived solutions is eco-friendly marketing […]

Social Media Survival Kit Every Marketer Should Have

  If you are planning to push your brand’s online visibility, you better start getting social.   Worldwide social media usage is growing rapidly making it an appealing platform to tap. As marketers, you should also know that like others out there, this marketing strategy  can affect your brand like a double-edged sword. Do it […]

How Not Knowing the Right Digital Agency Makes You a Rookie

Yes, we understand that you’ve worked your way to the top and this account hangs in the balance. Impressing your bosses and keeping your clients happy are what motivate you to look for long-term marketing plans that would rev up your game. Now that you are looking for alternatives, you know that you can’t forever […]

Visual Content Marketing: Your Business Eye Candy

It has been proven lots of times that Google and other search spiders loooove content. But let’s face it, users are not so ecstatic to read through meaty articles no matter how informative those are unless when they’re out for a research mission. This is why in order to entice both robots and humans, adding […]