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Social Media Managers: To Do Checklist

It’s easy to sign up on different social media platforms, that even as young as a 11 year old child can create himself/herself an account without much adult supervision. It’s different when you do it for a brand. The process is the same but there are strategies included to give the account a little push, […]

Social Media: Tips to Boost Your Sales

Social Media continuously grows. More people, all ages and profession, join and get attached on the social media world every day. That’s why you must learn to make full use of it and make it beneficial for your business. How do you create and run a successful social media marketing campaign? Also, can you make it […]

Social Media Management Hacks That Boost 50% Productivity

Social media is everyone’s best friend which makes it a smart investment for entrepreneurs. An hour or two a day is all you need to make sure that your campaign is performing at its peak.   Check these tips on how you can make the most of your time in managing your social media platforms: […]