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Talk to Your Audience Directly with Call-Only Campaign

Hand holding telephone

People searching online are looking for immediate solutions for anything under the sun. While you, as brand wanting some “customer love”, would like to have direct communication and know them better in the quickest way possible through your ads. Solution: Including Call-only advertisements on your digital marketing campaign.

If you think that using call extensions is an effective way to promote your business number in an ad, call-only campaigns have taken it even further and added a little extra. In fact, Call-only campaigns are a surefire way to make driving and tracking calls from ads simpler. But of course, it will require time for you to familiarize yourself.






Probably better than Call Extension

A Call-only ad is composed of the phone number located in the first line of the ads with the word “Call” immediately following it. With this ad format, your intention of getting your audience call your business line is highly visible and obvious with bigger font size and blue text.

A Click is a call

Saying that you are one click away on your ads can be a lot truer with call-only campaigns. Once your audience sees your ads and clicks it, a phone call is acquired. As a replacement for going to your site whenever someone clicked on your ad, a call will be initiated directing audience that can be considered as potential buyer to someone they can talk to from your business.

Being there at the right time

Your customers are only one click away from contacting you. On an even brighter side, you are one click away from getting a customer and closing a sale. However, these calls must be taken carefully because there is already an obvious need from your audience and handling it will dictate whether you will get valuable conversion.


Any brand that acknowledges phone conversations to be a vital part of their operation should opt for call-only campaigns. People seeking an actual conversation with you should be valued as the clearest prospects.