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Techniques for Successful Client Engagement Using Social Media

According to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report released by, 94% of the entire business sector, with a marketing department, uses social media as part of their strategy, 85% of these businesses reported an increase in their market exposure.

These facts are clear indication that Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and other social media sites are vital part of any marketing and client acquisition strategy, giving businesses and companies the privilege to promote their products and services on a cost efficient way.

Their primary clients are the ones who will validate if their efforts will succeed. So before thinking of other marketing strategies, why not try this convenient and easy way of marketing your products and/or services?

Here are the six techniques that business owners can use to heighten their business to consumer engagement.

Businesses’ Claim to Fame: Engaging with Clients thru Social Media

Businesses capitalize on client’s constant internet exposure to feed them with different information. Most of these pertain to brand promotions, product awareness, consumer insight and sales campaigns. However, with tough business competition these days, it’s really hard to look for an agency that will manage microblogging accounts to engage fully with clients using an effective social media marketing campaign (especially here in the Philippines where internet marketing is young) . emphasized that one of the challenges that businesses have to avoid is posting obvious advertising copies because it is unacceptable in the social media world. Given below are some techniques to help businesses create client engaging posts using their social media accounts.

Relate Enthusiastically with Your Audience

The social essence of Twitter gives users the power to share reviews and comments. Any business that has the ability in social media knows that directly engaging with unsatisfied clients decreases the ripple effect dramatically. But relating with a client who has a positive feedback can lead to a greater result. You can create a campaign that will showcase your best customers as they perfectly represent your company.

Let the distinct personality of your brand attract prospects

Show customers that you have opinions and information on your site that is relevant and useful. You can incorporate current events and personal experiences and relate them with potential customers so that they will be encouraged to learn more about your brand.

Be casual as you treat social media as a gathering

Avoid making your posts or your walls a carbon copy from a sales convention. Obvious selling is forbidden by social media sites and your clients will not appreciate to talk about them.

Stimulate your Audience

Begin a social media grass roots campaign to motivate your company stakeholders. Reward them using special offers, great content and exclusive events because these are some of the best word of mouth tools for publicity.

Establish a proven fan base presence

Do not try to be everything to everyone at first. Spend time on sharing great contents and engaging conversation with the clients on one social media account and if you finally proven your presence to established fan base, utilize other social media platforms.

Update with Consistency

Consider your social media updates as the miniature version of your marketing strategy. Each post should be a small step towards the plan of sharing information. This will result in attracting new prospects and maintaining the loyalty of your existing clients.

The enormous growth of social media sites is a proof that they’re an ideal platform to connect with existing clients and new prospects, so if you want to succeed on your marketing efforts, you might want to use these techniques on your social media strategies. (Sources:,, Photo credit:,




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