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Thank you for the gift, Google!

February 4, 2013 – A knock on the door. Jhon went to see who it was. A guy in violet met him and handed over a white package.

Puzzled, he went in and opened the small box to see what it is and who sent it. Apparently, our long-time PPC partner Google AdWords from Singapore sent us special gifts as some sort of token for our recent projects. Thanks, Google guys!


Our Google freebies package contained:

Google Engage Flash Drive

Cool as ever. A Google-branded flash drive containing useful marketing and training materials were on top of the best things we’ve received this year. Though we won’t probably need it since we know Adwords and PPC by heart, it still is heart-warming to receive something like this.

Google Engage for Agencies – Google Engage Training Kit

· Marketing Toolkit

o   Why use Google Adwords? – Complete guide to the benefits of AdWords for you to share with clients.
o   Customisable Pitch Decks – You can use these presentations to pitch Google products to clients.
o   Customisable Email Template – Helps you transmit promotional credits to your clients.
o   AdWords success stories – Let client hear from other small businesses about their success with AdWords in the region.
o   Success story videos – More online case study resources.
o   The Small Business Online Marketing Guide – You can show this to prospective clients to encourage them to market online.

· Training Toolkit

– Softcopy of a training module for using Google AdWords.
o   Google Classroom – An overview of our Google Classroom series of training events.
o   Adwords for Dummies – An easily understandable guide to AdWords which is also included in hard copy.

On second thought, we can share this with our local partners to help them understand and get chummy with AdWords.

Adwords Basics for Dummies

A booklet that serves as a guide, to get started with AdWords campaign the right way. With the steps and strategies on this book, you can build and manage AdWords accounts for your website and for your clients.

Come to think of it, this might come in handy after all. It wouldn’t hurt to visit the basics once in a while.

Google AdWords Shirt

Google gave us a shirt that has “Google AdWords” printed on it. Awesome, right?

Though it’s kind of late for Christmas gift, we still appreciate that Google included us on their “to-send-gift-to” list. We are very much elated to have received something like this.

Guess being a licensed and well-recognized Digital Marketing company has its perks.