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The Fading Spice of Traditional Media in the Modern World

old-marketingMarketers were made to believe that TV, Radio and Print commercials will be the forevermore formula to the success of brand promotions. 50 years ago, we saw a colossal race of businesses to be seen and be heard on the tri-media. We saw how Coca-cola, IBM, Rolex, Ford, Microsoft and Nike conquer the world and sell to the masses with the use of advertising – the greatest evidence that the mainstream advertising formula works.

The Traditional Advertising Formula

Seth Godin’s TV industrial complex that can be applied to Radio and Print media as well.

Formula was simple, buy ads to get more sale. The more sale the brand gets, the more ads to be bought in order to reach more segments or at least remind them that the product is there. This used to work but not in today’s world.

The Consumers of Today

Today’s consumers are more powerful than ever given the access of technology, information and data at the tip of their fingers. Customers nowadays are tougher, more sophisticated, and are presented with richer choices.  They are numb with advertising messages, too busy to focus and are willing to pay premium just to get rid of those ads.

The modern customers are irritated with your advertising message, despise cold-calls and promotional emails,  curse poor customer service, and are equipped to kill unreliable products through social media.

The customers of today are more discerning, knowledgeable and understands that celebrity endorsements aren’t guarantee for quality. They give more value to the message of the people within their network than the “mass messages” they often get, which they are so good in ignoring.

The Market of Today

The Internet drastically changes not only the way we live but the way we do business. We have seen the emergent smartphone apps, the rise of e-commerce, the growing popularity of “FREEMIUM”, the increasing development of open-source software, crowdsourcing,  fund-sourcing and other never-seen-before models that start-ups and established organization employ to get in to fast-growing digital market.

Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Waze and Spotify are examples of FREE, use-all-you-want applications that have access to billions of users.

The market of today is way too challenging  for advertisers due to media fragmentation.

Traditional strategies can still work but the strategies need to evolve as the world is hooked with too many media. Integrated Marketing Communications must be exercised to feed consistent messages among target audiences wherever they go.

As audiences adapt to new technologies, media and content, so as businesses need to evolve to be able to utilize new channels effectively.


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