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The Impact of Online Reputation Management for Businesses in 2013

“It will emerge as a vital element of doing business and will be a major part of their lead generation process.” This is one of the trends and predictions for Online Reputation Management for 2013 according to Steven Giovinco, a New York based ORM and repair consultant.

In the previous years, business owners uses online reputation management as a tool in measuring customer feedback. In today’s interactive environment, tables have already turned as increasing numbers of clients consider customer service feedback from different people’s perspectives in social media applications like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.

This means that customers are even more wiser and aware of their needs and wants as they do not solely rely on press releases and write-ups that can sometimes be full of sugar coating.


Moreover the current trend indicates that online reputation management is one of the most powerful factors affecting the decision making  and purchasing process of prospective clients.

Mr. Chris Hamilton, an SME sales and marketing consultant in the US, highlighted the importance of monitoring your online reputation not only to see what client’s and other people are telling about your business. It is also to check and balance bad online reputation particularly, if some reviews significantly affects the public image that you’re protecting.

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However, let’s face it, not all business owners can monitor all aspects of the business because they focus on improving their sales.

Like well-known celebrities and high profile individuals who have their own campaign managers and PR strategists, enterprise owners also need to hire an online reputation management services expert that will influence good client reviews by means of participating in real time client engagement through personalized approach with their audiences. They will also help in handling crisis and damage control.

According to experts, reputation management are subdivided into 2 types. First is the Proactive reputation management which suits start ups as well as established companies. Its goal is to maintain existing good client reviews and testimonials and to hype the interest of the consumers about the brand.

On the other hand, Reactive Reputation Management, responds to any bad reviews that a business have gained. Online reputation experts helps you identify the problems and improve your image until the crisis has been solved.

Social media management, high-quality press releases, white hat SEO strategy and Google Adwords are some of the online reputation management tools that DigitalMoz Internet Marketing Solutions use to establish your business as an expert in your industry.

Get our online reputation management services and start building your name and brand online. We will also work hard to control the damage created by your oppressors and competitors. Talk to us about online reputation management needs today!

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