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The importance of audience-based SEO in targeting keywords and creating content

There are many problems that most SEOs and internet marketers are encountering before, during and after the campaign. On the other hand, small businesses who want to start Search Engine Optimization on their own are also caught up in achieving their marketing goals.

While most businesses want to be on the first page of search through SEO, most of them forget to focus on the true meaning of search engines – providing the best answers. Being in the industry for a couple of years now, we’ve seen drastic changes on Google’s algorithms. SEO practitioners become too focused in following algorithms and tend to forget what SEO is all about – AUDIENCE.

Like what Maile Ohye said in her video post, webmasters should not chase algorithms but instead, chase the audience. By following them, your website is on its way to increase conversions.

How to select the best keywords for your SEO campaign


This question perfectly fits those businesses who want to start an SEO campaign on their own. Let’s say you know your brand really well, the products and services that you are providing as well as the people who acquire them. Then, you have a website that has Google Analytics installed in it. Now, you are on a jumpstart of getting the most out of your audience.

First thing that you should do is to identify what search phrases are driving traffic to your website. You can use these as target keywords as most of your audience is using them as they stumble into your page.

To do this, just go to your Analytics account > Acquisition > All Traffic > Keywords > Organic, then check all results by selecting 5000. Now, you can see the all the search phrases that people are using. These are the keywords where your website is ranking (because that’s how your site was found).google-analytics-5000-results

But wait, there’s more!

Watch out for the branded keywords. These are your business name. Let’s say our branded keyword for this site is “digitalmoz”. It’s normal to see this on the list as well as “” and alike. Of course you don’t need to target these in your campaign since search engines will automatically show your site on search results when users entered these keywords (if your site is not showing, that’s a big problem!). What you need to focus on are the keywords that contain your product, services, special features, etc – you’ll get the idea once you see the list.

Then, you might want to see related keywords that you may also target by using Google Keyword Planner tool. There, you can find the monthly average search volume of the keywords which will give you better idea of what you want to target.

In case you’re an SEO specialist who is working for a client with an existing set of keywords, this will be one of the tools in measuring if your efforts are paying or not. If your target keywords appear on the list, it means that your website is appearing on the search results for your target keywords. Kudos! However, just make sure that the traffic they’re providing is enough to say that your SEO campaign is a success. You don’t want to see your target keyword getting 1 visit for the last three months.

If your target keywords are not appearing on the list, there might be something wrong in your strategies. I hope it’s not blackhat. Nevertheless, you may want to check your content and other things that you did before the start of the campaign.

Creating the best audience-driven SEO content

Now this is an exciting part. Based on the given search terms on your list, use them in creating topics for your content. Improve and enhance. What you need to do now is have a unique and well researched content that your visitors will surely find useful.

But it creating an audience-driven SEO content doesn’t end in search phrase part. You can also check the most visited pages in your site. Yes, check the content that drives visitors in. From there, you will know what your audience really likes among all the content in your website.

I remember the Analytics data that one of our clients, Arkhibuilders (interior design and construction company), received. One of the most viewed pages is their portfolio. From a client’s perspective, you would want to see the company’s capabilities and design output before inquiring or letting them do the job for your home or office.


With the given data, we created a blog about home interior design ideas where we featured some of the best designed homes all over the world.

And in less than two weeks, 3.94% of the site’s total traffic came from that post and became one of the most visited page and blog (with the site’s 15k+ page views) but of course, we made sure that the article contains a lot of images which are very eye-candy for that topic.


But wait, there’s more!

Make sure to also check the Organic Traffic and Referral Traffic aside from All Traffic. If you have an ongoing ad campaign, your designated landing page will surely get the most visits and you want to disregard that page for that matter.


Other benefits of using these strategies

Using your audience’s data on Google Analytics helps you create SEO Strategies:

  • Fast and easy
  • Extract reports quickly
  • Track history and compare data
  • Measure

which are all important in tracking the success of your campaign.

So make sure that you know your audience very well and give them the best website content, and rankings, traffic and sales will surely follow.

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