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The new EMD algorithm update and it’s huge impact in the cyber space

Another Google update has been rolled out. The said 0.6% impact became a huge one for many website owners after experiencing the great negative leap.

Last Friday, September 28, 2012, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s WebSpam team stated that Google will have a new algorithm update. The Google EMD update or “Exact Match Domain” update will allow Google to reduce the rankings of low-quality “exact match” domains in search results.

The EMD algorithm update only impacts 0.6% of English-US queries, but it is still a big impact for Search Engine Optimization universe for many websites were hit and many webmasters reported that they were badly hurt by this update.

Who were affected by EMD?

Most websites that have their primary keyword in their domain names were the ones got affected so badly.  There is no clear pattern in the size of the drop – some sites totally fell out of top 100, while other websites moved a couple of pages.

Some sites fell maybe because of choosing domains that focus more on keywords rather than their own brand, or sites that have low keyword relevance with their content or none at all. For example,, the site appears to be a legitimate site representing a professional organization: the Michigan Association of Public School Academies or MAPSA. The site doesn’t really target the phrase “charter schools”, so it seems that the crime committed by this site is “choosing a keyword-focused domain over their own brand”.

So the best ways to improve our sites are to create content that serves the best information for the searchers, that way you can increase the number of your visitors, popularity, and friends that can be converted into customers.

SEO today

Some SEOs believed that it is beneficial to have keywords in a domain name, but now we doubt if it is still beneficial because of the update. With this update, the glory days of the SEOs that practices black hat now completely end.

With the combination of Google’s EMD update, and Panda and Penguin update, the internet marketing competition is now completely fair for all SEO specialists which most of SEOs and Google’s supporters want.

Stop your tricks and stop cheating on Google algorithm because you can’t outplay Google. (Source: