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The Power of Digital Marketing: It Can Empower Businesses Online

What is Digital Marketing? What benefits can it give to my business? Is it worth the cost?

These are the most common questions that run through every business owner’s mind when planning to consider digital marketing as their new marketing strategy.

Marketing and business always go hand in hand. As long as there are businesses, business owners need to spread words about their products or services.

In past years, the only method of advertising and promoting businesses other than word-of-mouth, are newspaper ads, TV and radio commercials, and billboards. That time, these methods are the only known effective marketing channel and source of information, that only big businesses can afford. Until the time market strategists discovered Digital Marketing.

Business plus Digital Marketing equals Success

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the use of internet-connected devices such as computers, smart phones, and game consoles to catch the interest of consumers with online advertising. The advancement of your brand or organization using one or more of the various digital components such as email, social networks, and smart phones.


Digital Marketing gives you power to share your knowledge to your prospect customers, employers and many others from every corner of the world. Also, to publish your thoughts and ideas through presentation, video, content, and promotional/advertising campaign on various digital marketing places.

1.    This also allows you to share your business’ products and services details to many readers that could possibly avail and become your customers. By sharing through social media technology like social networks, video sharing sites or content communities like YouTube, directories, blogs, internet forums, and picture-sharing sites like Pinterest, disseminating your business can now be very easy.

The use if Social Media focuses on seven functional building blocks:

•    Identity
•    Conversation
•    Sharing
•    Presence
•    Relationships
•    Reputations
•    Groups

2.    Gives you the power to reach different communities to source several types of professionals that may relate on your services or products, and can give you the chance on increasing your business’ sales and clients. If these people became very happy with your services and products, there’s a chance that they might recommend you to their friends or other people who look for the same services or products that you offer.

3.    Very convenient. You can publish content, share knowledge, and reach people through mobile devices that have internet access or commonly known as Wi-Fi.

4.    Provides cheap medium to establish direct contact with the customers like:

•    Email
•    Newsletters
•    Contents/information describing your business’ information, products, and services.

5.    Marketing results are easy to track because of its high degree of measurability. Tools are more accessible, and the rate of response is far higher than the traditional marketing techniques.

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