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The Time for an Integrated Internet Marketing Strategy is Now

Penguin update changed the way we play. With the new Google ranking algorithm, the need to employ an integrated approach to Internet marketing couldn’t be less articulated.

Integrated Internet Marketing is maximizing all available Online channels to deliver consistent compelling message that will make your audience “LOVE” your product, and from an SEO standpoint, increase your site ranking.

In other words, you need to combine all Internet Marketing tactics at your disposal – blogs, social media like Facebook and Twitter, Videos, Podcasts, those which have been segmented and decentralized – for your site to hit the top Search Rankings.

The idea might seem very simple, but the tasks are complicated. You will need to learn a lot of technical knowledge and gain considerable span of experience before you can develop and implement an effective Internet marketing strategy.


Social Media and SEO working together

Marry your Social Media with your SEO

Social Media can do great wonders for your link development initiatives, that’s according to Ray Comstock of He said “ using social media… foster(s) relevant link connectivity”, and we couldn’t agree more to that.

The use of Social Media platforms like Pinterest, FB, etc., is becoming an increasingly expedient way of sharing what you have and what you can offer to your audience. Instead of just submitting your URL to social bookmarking sites and article directories, why don’t you post a direct link of your blog to your Facebook wall so that more of your beloved demographics can see your post (a lot of people check their FB accounts everyday). And if your FB audience loves your content and shares them with others, Bing will surely reward you with high rankings for that.


Love the shares and ‘tweets’

Social Media Channels

Google Search values the social signals coming from Google +, and, even if nothing has been said about it, from Twitter as well. According to a recent study, there is a correlation between the number of “tweet shares” and Search Rankings. Now the next statement will make an SEO specialist’s mouth water (and yes there is a strong probability that this could be true), 5000 shares can pull your site up the fifth rank. If the world couldn’t get much easier, right?

So now you’re asking “all I have to do is make my friends tweet my URL?”

Yeah, of course you have to do that, but sharing alone cannot ensure high rankings, of course. The idea is not just for you to tweet your URL to your followers, but for your followers to share them with others. In this sense, you must compel them to “retweet” your page.

The essence of the story is this: make sure that you share every content that you have on your Twitter and FB page. Just make sure that your’s is worthwhile sharing.


What will earn you a “retweet”?

You’re probably tired of hearing this but it can’t be helped, creating content with great value is on top of what effective Internet marketing should be.

I can sympathize that it’s not easy to create high-quality content, especially with lot of blog sites talking about almost everything under the sun. The technique though, is to make something that is not necessarily new, but with high degree of relevance to what your audience and their needs. It maybe an entry about a popular celebrity, a recent news about your business sphere, or a world-changing event of the recent.

For example, if I want to increase my blog traffic, I might want to hitchhike with a currently trending article or video. Since I want to attract as much hits as possible, I would choose to create an article about “The Innocence of Muslims” which is a very hot, super controversial topic right now on  I would run a simple semantic keyword research using Google Adword Keyword Tool and Google Insights for Search to narrow down my topic and refine the breadth of my entry. Others may see keyword research as just another pain in the ass, but running this quick research give you big advantage in developing your ideas, and gaining more traffic.

Coordinate, Coordinate, Coordinate!

Since directory submissions and social bookmarking doesn’t work so much right now, SEO professionals can no longer separate their tasks from Content creators (a.k.a. bloggers) and social media experts.

So you see, your marketing experts should really work closely with each other. They should synchronize and integrate each other’s effort with everyone’s activities to develop a comprehensive Internet Marketing strategy that is based on high-quality content. The blogger should be aware of the keywords which they need to target, the social media marketers likewise, and the SEO should monitor the rise and fall of these keyword search trends.

A lot of specialized marketing agencies are sprouting everywhere, but most cannot create and implement an integrated Internet Marketing strategy. To do that, they must have expert SEO’s, Social Media marketers and content specialists.  The problem with this is that the marketing efforts become segmented, and there’s a great tendency for your marketing tactics to be scattered, leaving your site and your ROI many steps too far from your business goals.

For us, it’s such a great thing that we don’t have such problems here. All of our SEO professionals are trained to do Social Media Marketing and Content creation. It’s our way of making sure that we always deliver comprehensive and integrated Internet Marketing services. How about you?