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Things That You Should Not Expect From Your SEO Specialist

Digitalmoz loves SMEs. There’s not doubt about it. And like any other relationship, there should be a give-and-take process that both parties should understand in order for the partnership to work – and last.

We’ve been in the business for some years now and we’ve been with different kinds of clients. Some were good, some were bad, and some were really great. We’ve shared our ups and downs, through algorithm updates and achievements (Awwww).

Here I list some things that clients should not expect from their SEO company, specialist or digital marketing expert, in order for the business relationship last. This will guide clients on what to expect as these professionals can only do so much (in a certain period of time). We’ve discussed some important points in our previous blog but let me add more to this list.

Ranking Overnight

This is one of the SEO myths that you should avoid. A website cannot rank #1 overnight. It’s next to impossible especially if your business is in a very competitive industry (If your SEO provider promised this to you, panic now).

What clients must understand is that they are not the only website in that industry who is doing SEO. It’s not easy to generate quality content, links, leads, and engagement today unlike before. What SEOs can do is to inform their clients that such thing cannot happen in an instant and will take in a matter of months. Then guide them on the steps that the campaign should take in order to achieve that goal. Give a feasible timeline.

Constant Change of Strategies

Although SEO professionals are flexible to changes, it doesn’t mean that strategies can be changed immediately as you wish (unless there are no improvements in your campaign for quite long).  SEO strategies came from case studies, observations and real results. And changing them every now and then will just destroy the whole discipline. As mentioned, having a feasible timeline is important so that all activities are laid down from the first day until the last day of the campaign.


Achieving All Goals at the Same Time

From the very start, both parties should understand the goal of the SEO campaign. It can be about rankings, traffic, leads, conversions, or all of them. This should be clear from the very start since the strategies will be based on this part.

Clients should know which of these are more important for their business, or at least, they should know what to prioritize. Some businesses would want to prioritize getting inquiries first than ranking on a keyword so they should consider PPC and paid ads while others would want to build some branding and be the expert on their niche so they should capitalize on content marketing and online reputation management.

If you want to focus in all of these goals, get your online marketing funds ready. But if you don’t have enough budget, choose what’s best for your business. If you’re with an honest SEO company, I’m sure they will give you right recommendations.

Get the Most Out of Your Stingy Budget

While some businesses have limited budget, there are ways on how you can maximize it. But it doesn’t mean that results will skyrocket as you would expect. If you have a very limited funds for PPC or FB Ad campaign, your expectations should be limited too. If you’re in a very tight industry, you may need to shell out more marketing funds if you want to see better and faster results. But don’t worry, it’s not like spending for a TVC or billboard.

In addition, avoid asking too much things to get done. This sounds rough but you should  know the limitations of your campaign. (Shout out to freelancers and some practitioners who can relate.)

SEOs Will Always Implement Your Recommendations

If you have suggestions or ideas, don’t expect that your SEO provider will always follow you. They will listen, but of course, they have to check if these things are worth pushing. Just think about a patient-doctor relationship. The SEO is the doctor and your business is the patient. Although you know enough or you know your body well, there are instances where you need to trust your doctor and follow his prescriptions.

This reminds me of this video where the clients expects that the“expert” can do all the things that they want.

I hope the things above will help lighten up the common burdens between a burned out SEO professionals and disappointed clients. Doing business is always a partnership so it’s essential that both parties are in the same page, expecting the same result in the right place and in the right time.

For the other side of this blog, you check how SEO companies can retain their clients. Do you have other things to add? Tell your thoughts by commenting or sharing this blog!


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