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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Social Media Marketing: Rewind



Establishing relationships with people and credibility for your brand doesn’t happen overnight. It demands consistency, and proper utilization of social media sites. Awareness, Commitment and Communication must be the core building blocks of your strategy to ensure a long term and stable spot online.

Here are the forgotten basic rules in social media, let’s take a quick review and see if you’ve been heading the wrong direction:


1.Set Attainable Goals

An effective online marketing strategy is the one that is well planned. Have a set of  not just attainable by realistic set of goals.  It’s true that in every strategy, one must think beyond limitation, but doing so, might put the result at risk. Think of what you deliver, and after proving it effective, level up to another strategy.  

2. Set-up unique, informative and authentic profile

First impressions may make or break a brand. In establishing an online identity, it is important to know that authenticity is the key to success. Stay true to your identity and let that show on your online presence. Do include photos, and fill out all the “about you” information. No one likes to visit a Twitter page or a Google Plus account only to find out that it is blank. Consistency and authenticity – that’s what your profile should be made of.

3.Know and Use the Social Media Platforms properly

Know your target audience and from there, select the type of social media channel to work on. Social media is not all about Facebook. There are others like twitter, google+, linkedin and the like that you can use and maximize to reach your target audience. Concentrate on niche networks that may have less traffic but are more related to that particular brand’s consumer, therefore, much beneficial to the promotion of that business.

4. Don’t Snob – Engage

The easiest way to gain popularity and followers is through constant and honest interaction. Staying active and  by being visible makes your audience feel your sincerity.  Take some time to engage in discussions, or at least comment with your current client and potential clients to show that you care about what they’re saying. The secret to maintaining conversation is an engaging and inspiring response. You’ll see that these efforts will give you credibility in the long run.

5. Shareable Content

Find the correct balance of self-promotion and engaging content that can inspire action which is the core of an effective social media strategy. Produce content that customers or your target audience will love, share and look forward to. In order to gain those precious likes, comments and shares, you’ll need to create good original content. Don’t just write to promote, instead, write to inspire, educate and inform.


1. Self- centered hard promotions

Hard and straight to the point promotions may be persuasive but this technique is not applicable to most consumers. Try doing it like story telling. Start your story with “about you”, it can be in an essay from, videos, or pictures, as long as it can create a visual representation of you and your brand. Making your online presence feel real  over time will increase the level of interest  your target audience has in your business – in what you do and in what you see – perfect time for profits to come rolling in.

2. Filtering comments

Haters will always hate and publicity, even if it is negative, is still publicity. There’s nothing you can do about it, but to handle it with poise and diplomacy. Don’t delete comments, instead respond when needed and address the issue so that your audience and potential customers will see your presence and feel your willingness to help. See negative feedback as an access to insight beneficial for the growth of your business.


Spam sounds great for breakfast and sandwich but never for social media. If you want to lose audience and target customers, then spamming them is the surest and fastest way. Don’t overload your customer’s walls with posts, or tag them at pictures, or  do any social media activity involving them without their consent. Spamming might be a successful attention grabber, but you’ll never know if its effect  will be positive or negative.

4. Ignoring your Audience

Don’t be a ghost! It is not enough that you create profile on social media accounts, how you will use it is much important. Social media is “social” – must be used as a channel of interaction from business owners to audience. Responding to comments and inquiries the fastest will automatically be in a competitive advantage over other businesses who do not.

Taking part in social media activities, like discussing related stuff about your products or services, trend in the industry, sharing tips, or answering issues your customers may have is the proper way to  stay connected and visible online. This is also a great way of showing gratitude to your audience.

5. Not updating Social Media sites

With “automation” in everything online, it is not and never proper to schedule and run. Posting different contents may not make you look like a spammer, but it will surely make you appear like a robot. Don’t just update for the sake of “updating”. Use this chance to connect with your audience. Engagement is essential in building your name and credibility on social media sites. Keep your site populated with fresh content consistently and you’ll never lose online presence.
Have fun maturing with social networks and discover that you can deliver  maximum exposure and brand awareness to the entire online marketing industry in an ease with the possibility to grow exponentially from there.

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