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Top 5 Fears of Businesses About Digital Marketing

Fear is what makes most businesses vulnerable. It makes them stagnant, avoiding growth. It hurts to fail but that’s actually better than doing nothing at all. So what are these fears? Here are some.

Fear that Digital Marketing is not for your business

Sound strange for marketers but some companies actually think that it’s not yet the time for digital marketing. Come on, even Britney Spears’ hair was sold online. There’s no way your business should not be promoted on the internet. Not unless you’re doing illegal stuff.

If not now, when? If not you, then who will? You’re being beaten by your competitors just because they are bold enough to try online marketing. It’s not too late.

Fear that there will be no ROI

Sure you will shell out some marketing budget for your PPC, SEO, Social Media or in creating an app, but that’s part of the process. Whether you will hire an SEO company or hire an in-house staff, you will need a budget for that. What you want to receive in return is something that you should establish during the planning phase of your strategies.

What does one visit mean to your site? What is one click, one like, one comment or one share? Identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so you can gauge if you’re digital marketing strategy is on the right track and if you’re achieving your goals.

For some startup business, they aim to build awareness first, as part of introducing their brand in the market then will expect to get income later on. Others want to retain the popularity that they already have and want to tap other possible markets.

VIPMagnetDon’t expect that Pizza Hut will aim to create brand awareness in New York. Everybody knows them there. Still, they want to keep their fans hooked with their pizzas so they created a pizza ordering app in App Store and Xbox Live and made $1M out of it.

On the other hand, this pizza parlor in Dubai was unknown but they became famous because of their digital marketing strategy. Who would have thought that you can have an emergency button for pizza? Well, Red Tomato Pizza did and they experienced 500% increase in deliveries within 4 weeks, attracted 97,133 new customers and gained 9,400 international news stories, worth $8 million in free media.

Fear of getting fooled by a digital marketing agency

We heard different stories on how a business got fooled by outsourced agencies. Sadly, there are vendors out there who just want to milk their clients but are not actually doing any work. But, that should not be a reason not to try digital marketing. What you should do is to get the best online marketing agency for your company. Someone you can trust, who understands you and will help you achieve your goal.

There are thousands of vendors out there. In choosing your internet marketing partner, be mindful of the promises and terms that they will give you. This blog will help you get the best one.

scared_techFear of technology

You and your business should embrace technology primarily because it makes work easier. Imagine if internet was not invented. There will be no emails, social media or Google helping us out. Imagine if there’s no copy-paste in computers. Imagine if Red Tomato Pizza did not utilize technology. They will still be just the ordinary pizza parlor in Dubai, just like the others. My 40+ year-old sister fears technology and she don’t know what she’s missing in the world wide web.

Your business can thrive with technology. Social Media Management is as simple as using Facebook and Twitter while PPC is like Googling with money. Just hire a company that knows what they’re doing to help you embrace technology.

Fear of digital data

Perhaps it’s fear of interpreting data. Similar to fear of technology, you should love digital data. Data are no longer hard to understand like codes and mathematical equations. There are tools that can make you understand them easily. If you have a Facebook fan page, there’s Page Insights where you can see all the necessary details that you need from you fans up to post’s reach. Websites now have Google Analytics to track anything and everything about visits.

In addition, these data will help you create better marketing strategies for these are about your customers. Remember that customers are the ones shaping your business. It’s hard to shoot in the dark but these data will be your guide in aiming the right target.

In order for your business to stand out, you should venture on things that you have not tried before. Remember how fearful you were on your first bike ride alone? You were too scared that you might hurt yourself but after learning how fun it is, you want to drive that bike downhill, with no hands.

There are many businesses that tried digital marketing and made a fortune. The first step is trying. How would you know if you will not try? All your customers are now online. They are just waiting for you there.

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