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Top 5 Sources of Online Income in the Philippines

Internet is no longer just a tool for self-expression; it has become a tool for collaboration and an agent for change. What we do Online goes beyond connecting with our friends and relatives. Right now, it had even become a source of income.

A lot of people makes money Online, and we’re not just talking about pocket size-cash here. Some earns around four-to-five-digits dollars. Because many students will graduate this march and not everyone will immediately get jobs for themselves (sorry, just truth there), we have compiled 5 most popular sources of Online income in the Philippines to help these soon-to-be-graduates earn money through the Internet.


Blogs are short term for web logs. In the Philippines, blogs are among the most popular online activity aside from social networks and engines. Many Filipinos are great writers, more so because we can communicate via the world’s lingua franca.  Blogs are among the top sources of Online income in the Philippines.

Companies and businesses pay bloggers to blog about their products or services. In the Philippines, companies invite bloggers to attend specific events like product launches and press releases, join contests or promos, or product sampling for free. Sometimes, bloggers get freebies and incentives for each blog they write. Sometimes, they get paid through blog purchase, in-text advertisements, or affiliate programs.

If you want to earn from blogging, make sure that your blog caters to a specific Niche. You have to build visibility and credibility, because most often than not, bloggers who get paid were those who have Online Celebrity status. Take time to write about the current happenings in your field, and look for ways to market your own blog site.


After blogs, videos comes next. Vlogs or video logs are usually short, amateur works that are either humorous, informative, or touching. If there is a list of adjectives that can be attached to Filipinos, creative, talented and entertaining would most probably rank high in the list. We never fell short in both skills and talent for creating valuable, highly viral videos.

If you want to earn through videos, the easiest way is to build a collection of how-to’s about a specific product or field. For example,  “simple steps to make your hair shiny all day” or “how to style your hair for prom”. These attract advertisements and affiliate proposals from businesses. Make sure that you’re going to make videos for things or events that people usually search for Online, and properly market these videos through Facebook, twitter, and other social networks.


Taking beautiful photos of places, products, and events can also lead income to your doorsteps. Photographers enjoy royalties and incentives if people are using and sharing their photos Online. There are websites that specifically buys good quality photos from individuals like Shutterstock.

You need to make investments if you’re looking to make money through your lenses. For one, you must have a camera that can produce high quality shots. If photoshoot is just a hobby, it is also advisable that you go through short certificate photography courses to hone your technical skills and abilities.

E-commerce Websites and dropshipping

In dropshipping, an individual puts up a website where customers can order specific products. But instead of personally producing these goods, the website owner transfers these orders to the mother company who manufactures the products (usually, these are foreign-based companies with no branches in the Philippines).

Most dropshipping sites in the Philippines uses free-hosting websites ( remains the top e-commerce hosting-site). and are also potential avenues for dropshipping.

Forums and other Community sites

Aside from Blogs and Social Networking sites, Forums are the next Online platforms where you can find most Filipinos.

Companies are targeting Online communities for their Digital Marketing initiatives. Sometimes, they provide incentive programs for senior forum members who would promote their links or their products. If the Online community is popular and receives high traffic (which means that a lot of their target audience can be reached through this forums), most companies are willing to buy wide skyscrapers, banner ads, and rectangular pop-ups.

In whichever Online income avenues you choose to invest, your success will still depend on the effort and persistence you’re willing to give. Earning through the internet is never an easy feat, and it requires you to do  a lot of marketing. Unless you can successfully market your blog, videos, photos, or websites, don’t expect to make much (or any) money from it.

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