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Traditional Versus Digital: Should Brands Really Need to Choose?

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The touch of technology on today’s business world is becoming more apparent. Most of the brands are going digital, but should you follow the trend and change your marketing campaign based on this?

Traditional marketers, worry no more. Digital marketing should be regarded as a complementary effort to the existing marketing strategies you are used to rather than to replace it.


Out-of-Sight – Out-of-mind Prevention

With your traditional marketing efforts, your brand is already seen on media outlets such as TV, radio, and print. The direct marketing approach you employed assured you that marketing collaterals such as brochures and flyers are distributed while your telemarketers are doing house-to-house information dissemination. Got every place covered? Be aware that most people are online and you might be missing that point. Digital marketing can help you build up your online presence by aligning your brand’s message on the internet through social media marketing, search engine optimization, remarketing, and banner ads.


Enhanced Market Research Strategy

An in-depth market research is the foundation of creating effective campaigns for all channels. Traditional market data gathering takes a lot of time and resource, but is proven to be reliable. With proper research or help from a reliable digital agency in the Philippines, brands will know their market’s location, language, interests, and a range of other features. These data will guide you in creating an enhanced market research strategy and choose the right target to be focusing on.


Word-of-Mouth and Word-of-Mouse

With the majority of the population having access to computers, tablets or smartphones, the online world has been an additional avenue for brands and customers to meet. Establishing a certain connection online is easy. However, these should not be considered as great selling platforms. Instead, use it as a way to interactively communicate with your customers that will then lead to brand loyalty if done right.  Your customers will be talking about you and with you. Answer questions, gather and analyze feedback, and respond appropriately to criticisms.

Choosing the right platform for all your marketing efforts is vital. Remember that digital marketing should not be seen as a replacement for traditional marketing; rather both mediums should complement one another in creating effective campaigns.  If you’re miscalculating the importance of a certain strategy over the other, then that could be a grave error, damaging your brand as a result.