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Tricky Parts in Generating Leads with Performance Marketing


Lead generation is the marketing process stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service often via digital channels including various performance marketing platforms for the purpose of supporting the business specifically the sale team’s pipeline.

However, with the abundance of information online combined with the all new and improved digital and social techniques today, paved the way to rise of leads who know what they want and where to get it. Thus, generating leads becomes trickier and requires a lot more work to be done. Here are some tricky part you should watch out for on your campaign:

Tracing Where Leads Are

Do you know exactly where to find or how to generate your leads? Whether you are buying leads or getting it directly with your website via in-site form, it will be a good step to know how they were generated, processed, and the overall journey to help you create a more defined action plan for your next steps.

Lead Buying Shenanigans

Buying leads efficiently is critical to avoid overspending and to maintain the best outcome of your performance marketing campaign. If you are buying leads from a third party platform or working with your trusted performance marketing agency, it is important to clearly determine whether your leads are coming purely from that source or are also affected by your own efforts. A clear view into your leads and their purchasing journey can help you dodge spending extra money on needless and ineffective results.

Leads – Business Response Time

Leads won’t be translated into conversions all by themselves. Always keep in mind that the faster your response time, the higher the possibility for lead conversions. Still, even if your customer service representatives call and reach your leads as soon as they receive them don’t always ensure whether you are reaching those customers effectively. Handling the leads appropriately along with considerable speed is the key.

Proper Handling of Informed Leads

As what have been said earlier, there are leads who know what they want and where to get it. These informed leads cared enough about their purchasing journey to spend considerable amount of time screening their options and are keen about filling out the brand-related forms. If it is possible to determine how they interact and how much time customers spent on these engagements, the easier it will be to determine their purchase intent.

These are only some of the hurdles you and your brand will encounter on your lead generation journey. Keep in mind that all efforts will pay off eventually. In this case, in forms of fresh and profitable leads!